I should have started dinner ohhhh about half an hour ago. Instead, I've been catching up on blogs; something I normally do throughout my work day. -- On a SEPARATE computer, y'all... like I would really dig into work time. Pshaaaa. I'm like an ambidextrous multi-tasking Einstein when it comes to checking blogs while analyzing work data. (That's not ego talking, just facts, and I was raised to toot my horn when I can... it's good for the soul.)

Anyhow. My satellite internet connection, of late, has been.... We'll say Less Than Stellar and Less Than Faithful. I might have told y'all a while back, it was going to cost $125 just to get a technician out here to look at the dish (which they think has something wrong with it, causing the intermittent service I've been experiencing for MONTHS now). Yeah. Well, I wasn't unhinged enough about the service to excuse throwing that kind of money out the window.

This weekend... I became unhinged. Then I sent Mr. Clean out to the dish and instructed him to push on it a bit. No, that way. And now up a little. Back down. More. More. HOLY FREAKING BULLSH*T ON A BISCUIT! --- nothing worked.

We called. We inquired. They wanted us to repeat the issue we'd already repeated FIVE previous times. Let's just say that my WORK includes a very detailed look into the habits/customs of a customer service desk. I "judge" customer service reps on a daily basis and then work to improve how things are done, what's NOT to be done, and what needs to be done more. Furthermore, through this work, I'm VERY accustomed to how "call tickets" work and the fact that if I am a repeat caller and I give you a CALL TICKET NUMBER, you'd better have the conversation that took place at that time in front of you.

And they did.

And they DID NOT CARE. They STILL wanted to go through the hour-long spiel of checking connections and blah blah blah... my flippin' head just shot off my shoulders and stained my ceiling with brain matter! I handed the phone to Mr. Clean. He asked them a very pertinent question (after giving them WHAT-FOR): "This $125 service call.... does that INCLUDE any parts or work that occurs after the problem is located?"

The answer: No
His response: Cancel my account. Yes, I know that's going to cost me money to cancel, but less than you just quoted to fix the problem. And I don't like you any more. Your service STINKS. So cancel it. Yes, I am QUITE SURE. Thanks but no thanks.


I have had no internet service during the day while I work. Because I am using my broadband card TO work. Ack! Mr. Clean is purchasing a new card this weekend and then I'll be back up and running... even during STORMS. Yea!

Of course, by the time I get another broadband card this weekend, I will probably NOT be at my house. Because IKE is coming. And IKE looks like a BAMF. So I will most likely run further inland, like a baby. Maybe. I don't know yet.

If I do move a bit farther north, I'll be spending the weekend in BabySis' house. Because she is NOT there! She, as of just an hour or so ago... arrived in PRAGUE. She also set up a Flickr account and will be adding pictures throughout her trip... ESPECIALLY those she takes while visiting nearby Slovenia to search for a GUY. And then I will update y'all on what's going on!

Plus, she's visiting a S*X MACHINE MUSEUM! My hair stylist, who's been to the Czech Republic, told me about it. So, of course, I told BabySis about it. And she went, "Woo hooo, I HAVE to see that!" And since I got a BIG GIANT NOT-FUNNY bout of green-eyed jealousy about the time she was boarding her outgoing plane (because ummm WHY in the name of all that's holy, did I NOT go with her? I can't remember WHY!! I could have afforded it!! *sigh*)... I said, "I hate you and I hope you have the most wonderful trip ever. But I hate you. Don't die on the plane, though."

So she's going to take PICTURES.

But first I gotta figure out this IKE thing... because I'm a little freaked out. And running around like my hair's on fire.
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