Have you ever seen someone - in person, on tv, crossing the street, or just passing you in the car - and you have a gut reaction to them? A nice one? One that says, "You should meet that person, FOR SURE." ????

I do. All the time. Except instead of my gut choosing for ME to meet all of these interesting people I see, it chooses for OTHER people to be the meeters.

Example: A week or so ago, I saw a VERY nice-looking guy on TV. Yes... TV, a documentary of sorts. There was nothing particularly outlandish or X-Factor-ish about him. As a matter of fact, over the hour of the show he was on for maybe 10 minutes total. But those ten minutes managed to insinuate themselves into a full-blown gut-deep uber-weird HUNCH. Immediately, I knew... seriously KNEW... that my baby sister HAD TO MEET THIS GUY. It's destined. It's Fate. She really, really HAS to meet this guy. Really.

Oh, did I mention that he lives in SLOVENIA???

Before you shake your head and think I'm a total freak, I should probably mention that it's so Interestingly Coincidental that BabySis just HAPPENS to be traveling to Prague in just a week. Slovenia? Like Right Next Door to Prague. A simple short train ride away, to a location where a grand photographic castle resides. BabySis happens to be a photography major and a sucker for castles. This guy? Castle. Manager.

I called BabySis:
Me: OMG, I just saw this guy on the TV and you have to go meet him.
BabySis: What? Who?
Me: I don't know... I'm looking him up on the 'net right now, to make sure he's not a serial killer. I'll send you his pic.
BabySis: *nervous laughter* -- Ooooooooh-kay.
Me: I'm not crazy! I had one of those hunches. You have to meet him. Seriously!!
BabySis: Where does he live?
Me: Slovenia
BabySis: *crickets chirping*
Me: It's like SO CLOSE to Prague. You have to go. And there's a really cool castle!
BabySis: What does that have to do with this guy you think I have to meet?
Me: He's the manager of the castle that you will die to photograph.
BabySis: Oooooooh-kay.
Me: Oh! Oh! I found a video of the show I was watching on YouTube. Just sent it!
BabySis: *goes away to watch*
BabySis: He's cute.
Me: And Slovenic or... is that what you call it? Whatever. He's not wearing a wedding ring. And he's sexy-hot in that Eastern European way. And I just KNOW you HAVE to meet him. Trust me. This is IMPORTANT.
BabySis: You really, really think so? Like you KNOW so?
Me: Yes. Positively Absolutely YES.
Me: You have to ASK for him, though. You have to go to the castle and say, "I was told to ask for Sexy-Hot Slovenian."
BabySis: What if they ask me who told me to ask for him?
Me: You shrug and smile. And if pressed, just sort of point down toward the village below the castle.
BabySis: You're strange.
Me: I know. But how often am I totally RIGHT?
BabySis: *shrugging* (because I know she did, she does that) -- Okay, I'll do it. We (she's going with a girlfriend) can take the train down there.

So there. I may be weird with my hunches and my making people meet each other. And I know how very, very ODD the whole thing sounds. But not as odd as this... She's going to do it. She's going to go to that castle and meet him. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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4 Responses
  1. babysis Says:

    Talked to my travel companion and she is all for the spontaneous trip to see this castle and guy. ;)

  2. katkin Says:

    Ok...I'm hooked. If you don't let us know what happens, you will be cursed unto your dying day. Starbucks will go bankrupt and close all their stores. It will become law that you must have stick straight hair and wear girly clothes 24/7. Internet connections will only work for 1 hour a day. And....well, I can't think of another right now. :)

  3. dragonfly Says:

    Babysis - Yippeee!!

    Katkin - So am I. I'm all over this one and will provide an update as soon as I get one. I think she leaves this week...

    That's a mighty curse, btw! Don't do that. LOL

  4. Beeswax, Says:

    This is fatal....omg
    no not ur sister meeting the sexy guy...
    READING YOUR BLOGG!!!! ..without a tena lady..hahah
    im reading no more today, my sides are splittin here already n im only 3 posts in...
    loads of thingimy stuff...Kath..xx