It makes no sense to me, still, how tomatoes are considered a fruit. Every time I hear that stated, I respond with a half-cocked eyebrow and a silent, "Huh?"


Thanks to everyone who commented with some ideas. I slogged through the 'net for a while over the weekend and finally decided that I will skin a majority of the tomatoes and then freeze them, to be used in sauces later. It's NUTS how many of them we have.

The rest will go for salads and salsas - especially the salsa because I also have jalepenos coming out of my ears. Hot, spicy, make you CRY LIKE A BABY little suckers. The first round we got were big and yummy. And then the deer came in and ate all of my garden down to nubs. We put up an electric wire fence and the plants came back... but now they only give little suckers that will burn the tastebuds right off your tongue.

Of course, my boys treat them like pranks... playing more rounds of Close-Your-Eyes-And-Taste-This than I care to discuss. Usually there is much wet-cat-squalling accompanying these games, as well as sugar granules spilled across my kitchen floor during hasty spoonfuls popping into enflamed mouths. Boys.

Speaking of boys... and fruit... I just returned from picking up my youngest loin fruit from school. Because he missed the bus. How did he miss the bus, you might wonder? It seems he was SO busy playing with one of those paper fortune-teller things, he simply failed to hear the bus being called. And he was playing SO quietly, the teacher didn't see him still there. That's my baby... LASER FOCUS, I tell ya.

Heh... and speaking of fortune-teller games. One of my favorites is playing Where's-The-Hurricane-Going-To-Hit. When I FIRST heard about Ike, before he even got NEAR Cuba... I told Mr. Clean, "That one's ours." He said, "No. It's going to hit closer to Alabama/Florida." I shook my head and insisted, "It's going to nail US. You watch." Even last night he refused to accept my fortune-telling skills (though I totally CALLED Sarah Palin as the VP pick TWO MONTHS before it was announced), blindly stating that it would go to New Orleans.

Guess what the latest track is? Go ahead, guess. If you guessed Right. At. Us.... you'd totally win a non-existent PRIZE.

Now we just wait and see if it's to our East or to our West. If to our East, we'll stay right where we are and enjoy some wind and rain. We learned our lesson skedaddling for Rita, only to have her hit where we'd moved to (and leaving our home & land thoroughly UNTOUCHED in the process). If it heads JUST West of Galveston, though... well, crap. It all depends on how big it is coming in. Anything over a Category 2 and we're skedaddling again. *sigh*

I won't have much to pack, though. It's with great embarassment I admit that all of the important baby books and photos and whatnot that we packed during Rita? I umm... I never unpacked them.

And now I have to go dig through all that stuff to retrieve photos for a project Doodlebug is working on for school. How's that for a last segue? Genius. *grin*

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