Just a quick update... After seeing the newest track of Ike, we are definitely leaving. We're packing up all the necessary items and will be heading over to Wahoo's house tomorrow - where she is having a BIG-ASS sleepover.

I don't know if I'm going to have a house come Sunday, though. It depends on whether or not the winds REALLY hit like they're saying they will. If the weather news is right... we have probably a 50/5o chance of losing it. It's a mobile home. It was meant to be temporary while we built a house. The house hasn't yet been built.

It may be started pretty damn soon, though! And if so... I'll be the first to pony up and say God works in mysterious ways.

In the meantime, I'm packing up dogs/cat in crates, blow-up mattresses, photos, insurance and important papers, and not much else. The horse is staying here. She has more than 6 acres to run on and the only portion of fence that could be in trouble leads to another 19 acres, which are perfectly safe. I'm kicking myself for not having her micro-chipped sooner. Our information in a protective packet, attached to her halter, will have to be enough.

A small rant -- What IS IT with older people and The Stubborn? Mr. Clean's parents are insisting on staying. We are insisting they go with us. It's a big freaking argument I really don't have time for just now. They have to go and that's that. *sigh*

My grandmother, who lives just on the other side of the Galveston causeway bridge (a dozen miles in) is also refusing to leave. ARGH! One of the cousins is headed that way to physically remove her, if necessary.

So. I might not be around for a bit. I will have my laptop and broadband card with me, though, so if things aren't all Hell In A Handbasket... I'll blog mid-storm or something. I'm SURE there will be great conversations happening around me. Wahoo has 4 kids. I have 2. Between the two of us, we'll have 3 GRANNIES along for the ride. Funny is BOUND to happen. Silver lining, y'all... Silver Lining.

Quick Prague Update: BabySis has arrived and has forwarded pictures to her Flickr account... of the S*x Machine Museum. Oh. My. I don't think I can post most of them here but when this storm has passed, I'll figure out which ones I can.
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5 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    Hope everything is okay when you get back. Good luck storm dodging.

  2. Denise B. Says:

    Good luck - stay out of the wind/rain and the people trying to get out of there. Share some photo's of your sister's trip!

  3. katkin Says:

    Y'all are in my prayers. Hope all will be well (and still standing) when you make it home. I think you are making the best decision.

  4. Swishy Says:

    I hope everything is OK! I am glad you weren't stubborn :)

  5. dragonfly Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments. Y'all kept me from focusing on all the stress and gave some much-needed smiles (I LOVE comments). :)

    You guys ROCK.