Hey there, yeah you... come closer. Have you noticed an extra 5 latched on to your hind parts? It probably started around Thanksgiving - all that yummy turkey - and then Christmas came along with cookies and fudge and Egg Nog. Lord have mercy! your butt cried but you ignored it... like I did, right? Right? Wanna lose it really fast? Seriously, like overnight? Come to my house! Breathe in the air, sit a spell, and watch a movie with us. Within 24 hours you'll be hurking up everything that's stuck to your butt since Thanksgiving. We're serving up a dieter's dream dose of Stomach Flu!

Yeah, that was fun. Or not. Really, Not.

A mere hours after you all heard from me last, Shaggy started complaining about not feeling well. And then it started... the mad dashes to the bathroom, which made my hallway look like Nascar racing tryouts. Or something. I've never actually seen Nascar racing tryouts and am too lazy spent to call my sis, GypsyRose, just now to check my facts. Trust me, it was mass chaos. Until almost 4am.

The next morning, it seemed it was my turn. Yippee skippy! I didn't actually say that. What I really said most of the day... it can't be printed here for fear that you will all run screaming. To say the least, for the better part of the day I ended up on the couch, covered in one double-crocheted blanket and two of the boys' comforters (and Still my skin felt like ice to the touch). I just couldn't get warm!

Cue Thursday.... Doodlebug's turn! (it was all those kisses he kept giving me while I was sick. I kept telling him not to but he wouldn't listen. Such a cuddlebug...) And look - there's Mr. Clean, home from work also. It seems Doodlebug started earrrrrly that morning, while I was still in my post-sick coma (because, you know, 14 hours of sleep just wasn't enough). Poor kiddo was still at it. Mr. Clean, though, he didn't seem to get the brunt of it like the rest of us. Oh it affected him, but in such a way that really? It mostly affected the rest of us and didn't really put HIM at any hardships. The boys and I gagged most of the day, calling out at turns, "DAD!" and "Mr. CLEAN!"

Last night, the three of us that were still lazing about the couch standing, watched Stardust. Wow, loved that movie. It was awesome. I'm definitely going to purchase that one for our little DVD library. And I didn't mind so much that my usual movie fare of coffee and popcorn (I know okay? I know) had to be a glass of ginger ale and a gingerbread man cookie. What? GINGERbread, folks. It's GOOD for your stomach!

Also good for your stomach after a little overnight dieting? Homemade Chicken & Dumplings. That is, if you have enough energy to stand there in front of the stove for quite a while. Good lord, I thought I might expire before getting all that meat off the chicken carcass. But it was sooooo worth it. As was watching the newest Friday Night Lights - lots and lots of Taylor Kitsch... he plays such a stray; it pulls at my little Wendy heartstrings every time. I have such a girl-crush on that one. Anyhow... I feel ten times better this morning.

And that's good, because I'm told I'm going shopping - to spend my Williams-Sonoma and Barnes & Noble gifts cards... or maybe just to chauffeur Shaggy to the ice rink by the mall so he can meet up with his girlfriend. May I just tell you how utterly THRILLED he is to have agreed to go ICE SKATING with his girlfriend? *falling over in laughter* Yeah, it's a hard decision I have to make...

1) Go shopping and spend all that glorious FREE money at my favorite two stores?
2) Hide out in the ice rink and take VIDEO of my kid trying to ice skate for the sake of his girlfriend.

Really, it's that hard a decision. I mean, the video alone could serve as blackmail for years to come. On the other hand? Vanilla! And Spritzer cookie makers! And BOOKS! What to do... what to do...

In other news, I've only receive a SINGLE vote for a recipe (the mushroom ravioli). Is that it? No more votes? Really? Pssshhhhhhh. You all, I swear. *grin* If I don't get anymore votes this weekend, mushroom ravioli it is. Gee, I hope I can remember what I did (I rarely write recipes down, they're all in my head being made up as I go along). I think I do on that one, though.

So. Y'all have a productive weekend. Please, not as productive as mine... even if you do have an extra five. I'm off to go shopping and lurking in ice rinks. Muah!
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