I just finished some last minute work for the day job and now I need to be writing, so - of course - I'm procrastinating. And what better way to procrastinate than cleaning Chez Dragonfly? That's what I thought, too.

So... since I don't want to lose all those links to the books I read during 2007, I'm going to post them here. That way I can start the list anew with those I'll be reading during 2008 - already looking to be a bigger reading year. I currently have 9 books sitting in my To-Be-Read pile. This is a little daunting for me as I usually don't have more than 2 or 3 in that pile. I went hog-wild at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Just a >>little<<.

Oh lordy, I reallllly need to be writing instead of doing this but La La La La La La I Can't Hear You My Little Inner Voice....

Books Read During 2007

  • Empire of Ivory: Naomi Novik

  • Marked:A House of Night Novel (Book1): P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

  • Garden Spells: Sarah Addison Allen

  • Demons Are Forever: Julie Kenner

  • Gods in Alabama: Joshilyn Jackson

  • Spells & Sleeping Bags: Sarah Mlynowski

  • A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl: Tanya Lee Stone

  • You Had Me At Halo: Amanda Ashby

  • Eclipse: Stephenie Meyer

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: J.K. Rowling

  • Damsel Under Stress: Shanna Swendson

  • The Book of Luke: Jenny O'Connell

  • Tattoo: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  • A Breath of Snow and Ashes: Diana Gabaldon

  • Black Powder War: Naomi Novik

  • Throne of Jade: Naomi Novik

  • His Majesty's Dragon: Naomi Novik

  • Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince: J.K. Rowling

  • Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix: J.K. Rowling

  • Angel With Attitude: Michelle Rowan

  • Bitten & Smitten: Michelle Rowan

  • A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest: Marianne Mancusi

  • Danse Macabre: Laurell K. Hamilton

  • Earthbound: Richard Matheson

  • 13 Little Blue Envelopes: Maureen Johnson

  • Forbidden Magic: Cheyenne McCray

  • Seduced By Magic: Cheyenne McCray

  • I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You: Ally Carter

  • Hell's Belles: Jackie Kessler

  • New Moon: Stephenie Meyer

  • Twilight: Stephenie Meyer
  • As you can see, I went on quite a Young Adult kick last year. It's continuing this year. It seems to coincide with finding my voice. The closer I am to my writing voice, the more narrowed my reading list -- though I'm never going to give up on my adult books. Oh, no. As a matter of fact, the book I'm currently reading (the 1st for this year) is an erotic retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. Woohooo! It's pretty good, so far.

    Anyhow, you might enjoy one or two of these books yourselves. I highly recommend anything by Joshilyn Jackson, Diana Gabaldon, and Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.

    If you're into YA - you must check out Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

    Amanda Ashby's first novel - You Had Me At Halo - was a Very cute, Very fun read! I just adored her depiction of heaven.

    Last but not least, Naomi Novik's speculative historicals (?) is a series Mr. Clean and I read together this year. I'd originally bought them for him but when he didn't hop right to it, I took one down and starting reading it myself. I so enjoyed it, Mr. Clean then snatched it from my hands and devoured it as well. Interestingly enough, it has been optioned for a movie and there are rumors of Peter Jackson (Mr. Lord of the Rings) having taken quite a shine to the whole thing. As I hear it... they're already working on designing the dragons.

    And now I'm off to write because I can't imagine any further ways to stop myself (and because the flash of brilliance I've been waiting on for the last two days... it just hit).

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