Wow, this holiday season has been a beast of busy. I can't tell you how many times I sat down to post, only to get pulled away for one thing or another. Important things, like playing Rock Band or watching Doodlebug pogo-stick across the driveway. Heh.

In my defense, that Rock Band thing... well, it rocks. There may have been a few nights I stayed up until well past the wee hours playing it with the boys. It's like a disease... I can't stop. At least not while it keeps telling me I'm awesome. *laughing*

So, the Christmas Eve dinner turned out to be lovely. It was definitely touch and go there for a while, though. See? I was counting on Mr. Clean and the spawn for assistance. Everyone had a job assigned to them with the food prep. Shaggy's: applying his muscles in combining 6 lbs of ground beef with spices, eggs, bread crumbs, and whatnot. I even had a list on the wipe-off board for everyone. And then it began....

While cleaning out the shed, Shaggy snapped a rake handle and sliced open the skin between his finger and his thumb. Yikes. Lots of blood... and immediate expulsion from food prep. Then, a late-night trip to Urgent Care with a very upset Doodlebug revealed a painful infection beneath a fingernail (previously thought to be a thorn) -- instant excuse from cutting bread cubes for the bread pudding. I still had Mr. Clean, though... for about five minutes. While working outside, he managed to cut his finger as deep as he could, staying just shy of needing stitches. See a pattern? I thought so too.

Soooo... I removed all sharp objects from the vicinity of my guys and then BabySis and I got down to work. My head didn't explode but I did fall asleep a few times, sitting up, while trying to roll out pasta for ravioli. We finished the prep around 2am and then popped back up at 8am to get it all done. Lord, but I was tired. The CranPom-tinis - Yummy! - kept me going throughout the day.

Later, I'll post a recipe from the dinner -- y'all decide which one you want and let me know.

Did everyone get what they wanted from Santa? I did. Of course, when I tell people what I got they give me this odd look as though Mr. Clean bought me an ironing board or something. They don't get it. I know you will, though. Mr. Clean bought me a stationary bike! Now you all remember the whole stationary bike thing, right? It's really cool and I can plug my iPod into its speakers. How great is that? Obviously, I squee'd like a little girl when I saw it. Just as soon as we take the Christmas tree down, I can put it by the TV. Yay!

Now, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve last night. Mr. Clean and I took the boys over to Wahoo's house, where we had a nice bonfire going and a load of fireworks. Then, we moved a few houses down where Wahoo's girl-children were all hanging out. Wow. There must have been 30 kids there, at least... all running around like well-mannered heathens. They had a bonfire too, the makings for S'mores (yum!), and the king of all Texas party favors... a margarita machine! We had a blast Literally, as we all set off a metric ton of fireworks there too. Back at Wahoo's, we had a third round of fireworks -- all the best stuff we'd kept behind. And then I realized it was almost 2am and I was Wiped. Out. Of course, by the time I drove us back home, I hit my third wind and couldn't get to sleep. *laughing* It figures, right?

Today, we're headed over to my Mom's house.... to do Christmas. She was in Florida with my sister, Pixie, this year. We're meeting up later with GypsyRose, BabySis, and my mom to exchange Christmas gifts and then eat ourselves silly on ham and black-eyed peas. Now that I think about it, that ought to be particularly interesting, considering BabySis doesn't eat ham. Heh... I just might have a story to tell, later.

Well that pretty much catches you all up on my world. Also? Today is my 2nd blogversary. Yay, me! I'm honestly surprised I've stuck with it this long. For 2008, I'm going to try and post a little more often, though I'm not promising anything. I'm still hard at work on the book... taking it a little more slowly than I'd like but work has me chained to my desk and my weekends have been chock full o' busy. No resolutions here -- just finish the book, start another that's in my head while revising the 1st, and ride my stationary bike to my heart's content. I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and prosperous 2008!!
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5 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    Happy Blogiversary! And I hope you have a happy (and not injury-filled!!) New Year!!

    PS...your Christmas Eve buffet sounded to-die-for. I SO love Italian food and rarely fix it because J is very "meh" on it. Sigh...

  2. katkin Says:

    Happy New Year! And Happy Blogiversary! I KNEW the Christmas dinner would be great. I vote for the recipe for Fried Portobello Mushroom and Italian Cheese Ravioli! (Dern! Drooling again.) And I do get it about the bike. I'd love to have an elliptical but would have to buy it myself and I can't seem to set aside the money for it. Oh well....


  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    Happy New Year! Sounds like a wonderful holiday season. Happy 2 years as well. My resolution this year is to read everything you write on this page!

  4. Beeswax, Says:

    Happy New Year, firstly I would like to congratulate you on your 2nd bogaversary! Wow, and don't you stop d'ya hear!!
    Secondly I would like to say how sorry I was to read that all your help had some form of near amputation like injuries!! alll sounds a bit strange to me!!did they all plan it! srely not , to what lenghths people will go to get out of a bit of help in the kitchen, and on Christmas!! I ask you! next year you sit and let them all run about like headless chickens around you, you deserve a break..
    Thirdly, the visuals of you and your stationary bike,i pod, and no doubt laptop on, finishing your book, great gift, hope it brings you ever nearer to to your books end!!So as we can all read it, and enjoy .
    Lastly, I am so happy to have met you and hope we can keep our friendship going in to the coming year..

    oh, second lastly...Did you ever find that Big foot?lol :)
    Love and hugs from Scotland, your partner in crime, Kath xxx

  5. dragonfly Says:

    Deb - that's too bad! You'll have to find a way to sneak in a little italian without him realizing it. I tend to go more towards the Tuscan side of things - lots of fresh and yummy!

    Katkin - it was a hard choice but the sitting part won out over the standing. I just can't seem to get the hang of the ellipticals... I always feel like I'm about to fly off in a very ungraceful manner (eating the floor like an eedjit).

    Fairy! Long time, no see. Looking forward to hearing from you more often. Blogging again yet?

    Kath - You're such a dear! And bigfoot has some stories coming very, very soon. I'm trying to figure out just how "real" (brutally honest) I want to be on something that happened here recently.

    Loves to you all!