Just a little MeMe thing and since I'm too lazy to tag individual people... consider yourselves all tagged. ::grin::

Just a little gift from me to you.

Two Men I’d Love to Date if I Were Single (and they were single)
~ Taylor Kitsch - Why yes, he is a little younger than me, but hellooooo.. YUM! I could be his "older woman". ::wink::

~ Matthew McConaughey

Two Things I Am Wearing Right Now
~ T-Shirt
~ Shorts

small ranting aside: Good damn dog.. it's DECEMBER, folks... and I'm sitting here in shorts. SHORTS! It's disgusting. Ok. Rant over. Back to the MeMe:

Two Things I Would Want in a Relationship
~ Love
~ Laughter

Two of My Favorite Things to do
~ Read books
~ Write books

Two Things I Want Very Badly At the Moment
~ Have the money so I could take a year off to travel and write

Two things I did recently
~ Grocery shopping (ugh!)
~ Shopped online (yay!)

Two things I ate today
~ Coffee
~ Coffee
(I haven't eaten yet! Because I am a BAD eater. I forget too often.)

Two people I most recently talked to
~ My sister, Gypsy Rose
~ My sister, BabySis

Two things I’m doing tomorrow
~ Working my little tail off (ugh!)
~ Watching Friday Night Lights (yay!)

Two longest car rides
~ From here to Lexington, Kentucky (16 hrs)
~ From here to Tampa, Florida (17 hrs.. 18?)

Two Favorite Holidays
~ Thanksgiving
~ Christmas

Two Favorite Beverages
~ Coffee
~ Vanilla Chai Iced Tea

Two Things about me, things you may not have known
~ I'm an online research fanatic. If I wanted to, I could stalk people online because I can usually find Anyone. Easily. Maybe I was a private investigator in another life.
~ I'm just as analytical/logical as I am creative. The two have wars in my brain. It gives me migraines.

Two places I have lived
~ Here
~ Cypress, TX

Two of my Favorite Foods
~ Tacos with lots of sour cream
~ Chocolate

Two Places I’d rather be right now
~ On a beach, in Scotland, writing
~ On a trip... anywhere

Okay. Now it's your turn. I know some of you have blogs... so consider yourselves tagged. I'm nosy! I want to know more about you! Give a girl a break here; I'm suffering from lackawinter blues!
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6 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    Wouldst that I had a blog, I should verily reply....sorry..I've got memories of past Madrigals on the brain. Too bad we can't share some tacos, vanilla chai iced tea and a trip...somewhere...anywhere.

  2. beeswax, Says:

    Ok Dragonfly, count me tagged ...tomorrow though!!!it's late here in Scotland and i need to get up and do the school run!!!
    In return YOUR tagged back!!
    (6 most precious things in my life...)!!!!and no one liners!!this is not a lazy tag!!
    Regards , not on a beach in Scotland, in my cozy home, Beeswax, from Scotland..

  3. beeswax, Says:

    C'mon dragonfly , you are letting this side down, where's my tag then?..have you started it/, have a peek at mine for your tag!!
    the old brain cells are drasticly dimishing, I had to keep referring back to your page for the tag questions!!!then i thought "maybe write them down" duuugh!!!honestly, frightening isn't it!!
    regards Kath, aka beswax, Scotland

  4. dragonfly Says:

    I know! It's horrible! Work is totally kicking my butt this week; I need two more hands, one more laptop, and about 5 more hours in the day. It is on my To-Do list, though... and I'm going to try to tackle it during lunch today. ;)

  5. dragonfly Says:

    Katkin -

    I would totally share vanilla chai iced tea, tacos, and a trip somewhere with you! :)

  6. beeswax, Says:

    Ok my work is done, it only took me 3 hours..not bad eh for an ametuer!!!!!LOL, look forward to yours now...