I died. Seriously. Okay, well the computer took the big plunge into the great darkness but I may as well have for all the trouble it's caused. Apparently, while visiting one of my favorite blogs... I picked up a generous case of The Nasty. And then couldn't find my restore disk for the computer -- which this particular Nasty requires. So. Mr. Clean had a bit of a "moment" and now I have a new computer. I'm still trying to get everything set up on it so no expectations of blogging soon.

*sigh* I swear it's like the world is conspiring against me when it comes to this blog.

I am writing though! Nothing huge because I'm getting ready for an enormous Easter Sunday BBQ bash here at the house, but it's something. And I think it's a Really Cool Something.

Y'all take care now!! Have a Happy Virus-Free Easter!

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3 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    Dern computer bugs! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Denise Says:

    I bet I know which website you were at :-) Glad you are back on line - I miss your writing.

  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    Just wanted to say hi. It's been a long time since I managed to blog but I have managed a bit recently. Once I finish work in three weeks I suspect there will be a lot more. Hope the new computer is working out well for you.