I know, I know... I'm like the Master of the Disappearing Blog Act these days! So you know where I've been, these are random things overheard this past week:

Shaggy: I'm drowning in my own saliva. I think maybe I have pneumonia and it's crawling out my mouth or something. You know, like the tide of phlegm is rising?

Nurse @ Doctor's office: You're back AGAIN? Wow. You don't call and you don't write for like Two YEARS and now we can't get rid of you?

Doodlebug: Oh cool. I have Fifth Disease and I never even got the other four. I have Fifth FIRST!

Doodlebug: Does it REALLY look like you slapped my cheeks? Like you beat me or something? Should I hide my face so people don't think you abuse me?

Shaggy: Didn't you go to *cough*cough* University of Texas?
Doctor T: Yes, I did.
Shaggy: But you're wearing Maroon scrubs. Doesn't that bother you? Like sacrilege or something?
Doctor T: I'm representing.
Shaggy: Cool. A&M kicks UT's butts all the time, you know that right?
Doctor T: Looks like the Flu is doing it to you now. Payback?

Shaggy: I can feel my trachea swelling shut. I'm probably going to die and the last thing you'll remember saying to me is, "Whatever, Shakespeare."

Doodlebug: The green gatorade is nasty. It makes me feel like I'm going to turn into the Hulk. Can I have the purple? It's a much calmer color.

Shaggy: My ears are arguing about my fever.
Shaggy: No. I AM doing it right. I think I know how to stick this thing in my ear.
Shaggy: OWWW! Okay, maybe you should do it.

Me: Did you just see something run across the living room floor in front of the TV?
Me: The cat is outside. Seriously, something just ran across the room. It wasn't big. Smaller than a cat, larger than a mouse.
Me: No, the fairies have NOT returned.
Me: No, I haven't had much sleep in the past few days.
Me: Okay, yes... perhaps I AM hallucinating.

My kitchen looks like a pharmaceutical explosion at the moment. I'm a little low on sleep (but catching up fast). And my kids are FINALLY back in school, where they belong. Thank the gods. Oh thank you thank you thank you gods. (and if you do this to me again during end-of-month report time? I will not be responsible for my actions)

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  1. katkin Says:

    Oh my. When it rains, it...you know. Glad the kids are feeling better now.