It's Day 3 of a 4-day weekend here (having taken off Friday and Monday is a work holiday). I started with a pile of books. They're now gone. Read. And translated into a sweeeet migraine headache at five o'clock this morning.

It wasn't a surprise; I knew it was coming. I just didn't expect it to announce its arrival in the middle of Good Sleep & Dream, heralded with a chorus of deafening canine barking (through open windows), which made it near impossible to locate my uber-ibuprofen before I was convinced I'd pass out from the pain --- that in itself NOT unwelcome at the time.

Reading books for me is like a 5-year old with Easter candy. It's all about rationing it out so you don't get sick. I can't ration. I gobble and stuff and leave chocolatey rings around my mouth. And then I pay for it.

The books were GOOD though (#5 - #7 of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series), so it all works out.

It's been a very QUIET weekend here. Shaggy headed out Friday morning for a sailing seminar and a race in Kemah this weekend and my Dad - having been left high & dry in the grandson/sail-buddy department - invited Doodlebug down for his FIRST sailing weekend, so he went along - all smiles - with his brother. It's a coveted invitation.

And as of this morning, it's considered by us as The Official Announcement - Daddy is now converting my other child to the Ways Of The Wind & Water. --- This due to having been informed (by Shaggy) that Doodlebug was taken SHOPPING for foul weather gear and new boat shoes. When my Dad starts outfitting my kids in boat gear, it's official. Doodlebug is now crew-in-training.

I find the whole thing Hilarious because it was not a few months back that my Dad informed me - picking his words very carefully - that he thought my youngest was a little on the spoiled side. (He is, and it's something we've been working on slowly but surely.)

It's not that I think my Dad is being hypocritical or anything like that. Oh no. It's tickling my funny bone because if my Dad took the wee one on a shopping spree... it means the wee one has been working his little tail off on that boat. And that's good for him. He needs it. But I can only imagine Doodlebug's facial expressions right now - probably a mixture of adoration and annoyance/frustration as he scrubs the deck and polishes the winches - outfitted, of course, in his new boat gear.

When Shaggy called to check in, he was putting on a mighty Shakespearean performance. It seems that Day 1 of his sailing seminar located muscles he didn't know he had and pushed his fitness level into realms never before accessed. He's a fit boy. He runs, lifts weights, etc. But apparently not enough or not targeting the right body parts. He even suggested that we drive down to Kemah to pick them up, because he's not sure he can drive back tomorrow... being in such excruciating pain and all. I'm wondering how Day 2 is working out for him. *laughing*

The really cool thing about the seminar, though, is that one of the instructors was a silver medalist as the Beijing Olympic games and the other is a retired coach from the Naval Academy (where Shaggy intends to go to college). I told him he'd better "Sailor Up". His reply? "Goodbye, Mom." Heh.


I have had all weekend to write but I am not WRITING and the reasoning is a big fat mystery. I guess the people in my head are on vacation also. I DO have a girl (Holly), sporting a crazy-short-spikey-all-over-and-streaked-with-pink hairdo flitting about in my head but she's not quite talking to me yet. I'm intrigued. And feeling slightly mentally ill --- a good sign, all in all. But still, no writing. It's annoying because as much as I'd like to do so... I can't force it. Patience is Not happy with this hundred-year-old tortoise crawling method of discovery.

I'm not really either but It is What It Is. <---- that's my new saying of the year. It annoys me to say it, sometimes, which makes me think it's the RIGHT saying of the year.

While I'm not writing and not working, I began to think of things to do instead because I am bored. This is dangerous -- according to Mr. Clean. Can't wait to see what he thinks when he hears I talked BabySis into going gambling with me at the end of the month. I'm excited!! I haven't been gambling in AGES. Like, really, YEARS and YEARS. Well, excluding the few quarters I stuck in a slot machine while on the cruise last summer... (does that even really count? I didn't get a free drink or ANYTHING while sliding those quarters in so I don't think it counts AT ALL.)

Maybe I'll find character fodder while I'm in the casino. It'll be a working weekend!

Well that's all I've got today. Mr. Clean is watching an old war movie (Father Goose) and I can hear the wind chimes outside so I'm thinking a nice walk in the cool-ish air would be nice. Y'all have a great remainder of the weekend!!

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2 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    I am exactly the same with books and I have to make sure that I don't have anything around I want to read if I have college work to do otherwise I will just read instead!

    I have never been to a casino but I am sure it will be full of characters!

    Word verification: novell - a message perhaps?

  2. Denise B. Says:

    Ok Jen - where are you at? what is going on with you, your family? We miss your blogging!