I was reading a blog post the other day about Favorites Lists and how all those favorites that you put down for the world to see aren't indicative of the Real You. It's the favorites you keep secreted under your bed with the dust bunnies that really say something about who you are.

You know what I'm talking about, right? All those things you secretly REALLY like but apologize for liking... those things that people scoff at in conversation and instead of piping up to say, "Hey, I like that!" you keep silent.

Supposedly this phenomena is called a Shadow List. I think I prefer to call it a Shhhh It's A Secret List. And here's mine:

Disclaimer: You are instructed to FORGET these facts as soon as you read them, unless you share YOUR Shhhh It's A Secret List also!

1. I sometimes eat Pop Secret Movie Theatre Butter popcorn, with a handful of M&M's thrown in to get melty soft, for LUNCH. It's a taste sensation for the lazy can't-get-up-from-my-desk-for-a-real-lunch crowd. Note: If you have this as a late-night snack with coffee and then go to bed? Wonky dreams, people. WONKY.

2. I'm obsessed with the show Friday Night Lights. I watch episodes online via Netflix while I work... pretty much every day. And while Taylor Kitsch has one of the hottest bods, ever, it's his mouth... the lips... that do it for me.

3. I sometimes serve Hamburger Helper to my family for dinner - though I dress it up with all manner of fresh organic veggies and spices, to mask the fact that's it processed food from a box.

4. Any time the movie Valley Girl comes on TV, I have to watch it... even if it doesn't start until 3:00 AM. Have. To. The same goes for Sixteen Candles. And umm, maybe even The Goonies.

5. I secretly LOVE American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Love! Them! I have never missed an episode. I had a long conversation with Mr. Clean about how The Superstars of Dance was a crappy imitation of SYTYCD. (it was!) Around the water cooler, though? I won't in a million years admit that I love either show.

6. I eat my cereal dry and sometimes straight from the box, even if it's flakes with nuts and berries. I hate hate hate milk but I love me some Honey Nut Cheerios.

7. Some of my favorite tops were bought at the devil's own playground - Wal-Mart. Enough said.

8. I downloaded John Waite's "Ain't Missing You" and Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" from iTunes and I listen to them a LOT. Also? When I'm in one of those happy-happy-dance-around-the-house moods? It's Bananarama's "Venus" that is playing in my head. I also like Def Leppard.

9. I play online Bingo when I can't sleep. And I whisper "BINGO!" when I win. (Whispering because usually this is at 3 or 4 in the morning. If I yelled it, like I'd sometimes like to? Mr. Clean would come vaulting out of the bedroom, brandishing some form of weapon.)

10. I have a secret, secret crush on Shepard Smith from FOX News. I actually threw a complete and total meltdown hissy fit when I found out he was speaking at Texas A&M, just down the road from where Mr. Clean's and my office is, and Mr. Clean refused to go get his autograph for me (on the basis that he'd have to wait in a long line).

11. I watch All My Children... religiously... while telling everyone at work (who ASSUME I do nothing but watch soaps all day) that I don't even know the names of soap operas. It's an illness, folks. I've been watching this since I was like... umm, 12 or 13 years old.

12. I don't understand the whole have-to-own-fifty-million purses thing. I. Don't. Get It. I have ONE purse... it's black leather, it's nice, and I got it on sale (75% off!). When it no longer functions, I will retire it and then buy another.

13. If someone asks me if red is my natural hair color, I LIE and say, "Yes." And they believe me. I do admit to getting it touched up to cover the grey (which started in my early twenties). Red is not my natural hair color. My natural color is described by my stylist as "Street Dog Blond"... it's kind of an ashy mousy blonde with freaky sable-like strands of strawberry blonde and light brown in it. (I've admitted this here before but the simple fact that I lie about it in public makes room for it on this list)

Okay, that's all I can handle sharing at this time. Now it's YOUR TURN!! Don't leave me hanging, folks...

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yeah, it's definitely the lips on Mr. Kitsch that make him so extraordinary. I'm obsessed with FNL too and it's all because of Riggins.

  2. katkin Says:

    Interesting list! Mine:
    I watch America's Next Top Model. I still can't figure out why exactly, it's like watching a B (or C!) movie, but I can't NOT watch.

    My first crush was.....Mr. Spock! Hmm,actually I guess I'm still crushing.

    I have attended Sci Fi expos, the kind where you see people all dressed as their favorite character, though I haven't gone so far as to dress up myself.

    Sometimes, I eat dip and chips for dinner even though it is bad, bad, bad for me.

  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    This is great. I will have to do mine in the next day or so. Happy 2009 by the way, I've been elsewhere recently but thinking that writing could really help so hope to return soon. Hope you are well.