Well it turns out my little funk was a precursor to a full-blown NyQuil ad, plus PMS. Heh. We're having fun NOW, folks!

Saturday, I yanked myself out of bed and schlepped my way across country... to get my hair done. There was no choice in the matter because I knew if I cancelled my appointment on the guise of being "sick", Ohhh Lordy... I'd end up in a snit for weeks. Plus! Pictures! That afternoon!

Pictures that didn't happen.

It seems that while I was out getting my hair prettified, Shaggy was embarking on his first Christmas Shopping Trip. Alone. The later story was full of Shakespearean excitment because not only did he drive to the nearest mall (read: Haven for Christmas Crazy of NO Comparison), he then had to drive AROUND the place for an HOUR while looking for a parking spot. And it was like being one of those tin ducks in a shooting gallery, by goodness!

He finally found a space, TWO MILES away, and had to WALK to the mall. Whereby he was almost killed THREE times by batshit crazy drivers who don't know what to do with pedestrians in pedestrian crossings... at RED LIGHTS.

Once he got into the mall, he thought FOR SURE there must have been some sort of terrorist bomb threat, because SERIOUSLY? People do not act like that NORMALLY.

All this to buy his first paid-for-with-his-own-hard-earned-money presents. And then he got lost coming home... Poor kiddo.

Hence, no pictures because he had to turn right back around and go to work.

And as I am sitting here now, blogging, while sniffling and sneezing and coughing and wheezing... I should be taking a shower because we are supposed to be doing pictures in like AN HOUR. I'd roll my eyes but I think my head might have something else to say about that move.

Yesterday, however, I managed to FINISH my Christmas shopping. Well, except for a bottle of liquor for a gift basket because hey... did you know? They don't sell alcohol on SUNDAY! I guess I knew that but it didn't occur to me until I was standing outside the liquor store wondering Where's The Fruitbat?

I still have nothing wrapped.

But I did make FUDGE!! Woo hoo! And it all made it into pans, as opposed to... you know... ON ME. (Well except for a very large swath of chocolatey goodness which thought decorating one boob of the clean shirt I'd just put on would be nice... oh, and a few drops of boiling sugary milk that felt my exposed toes looked cold. Yay!)

Digression: While getting my hair done, I decided to have my toes painted too because, remember, the fairies came and stole the polish from my middle toes?

C, the resident nail person at the salon asked, "Do you trust me?" And I faltered... because, well... No. Any time someone asks me that, I immediately fling up Big Fat Steel-Cased Non-Trusting Walls. I don't know why.

But C is persistent and snarky so she shoved me into the chair and said, "Close your damn eyes and let me do your toes, right?"

When I opened my eyes, she'd put a Christmas Party on my toes. Seriously. I'm in love with staring at them. It's like she turned my toenails into Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers. *Sigh* (yes, I'm staring at them now)

Nothing says Happiness like pretty toes. Digression over.

So. Today, after I shower and pose for pictures and work for a little while, I think I might just make the cupcakes. Maybe. If I can figure out a way to BREATHE and, I don't know, STAND UP for longer than ten minutes without falling down like one of those fainting goats.

And I'm SURE there's something I've forgotten... but, you know, I umm... FORGOT. It'll come to me (a day late and a dollar short, but it'll come).

This is MOST LIKELY the last time I'll blog until after Christmas soooo, until then:

Hope you ALL have a Very Very Merry Christmas!!

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2 Responses
  1. Swishy Says:

    I hope you're feeling better! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Denise - your cuz! Says:

    Christmas is over - get busy blogging. Hope you got everything you wanted for christmas.