It’s 7 days until Christmas and I’m officially freaking out. I still have LISTS of stuff needing to be bought, wrapped, or baked. Good Lord. I don't even have wrapping paper. Or I do? But it might not be enough. And I have NO tape.

This coming weekend, in addition to getting my hair done (trust me, it's lonnnnng overdue) and then wrangling my family together for a last minute family picture, I have to bake Spitzbuben cookies, Pumpkin cupcakes, and make pans and pans of fudge. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the fudge makes it to the pans instead of slavered all over a nekkid crazy impersonation of me.

Mr. Clean is still present-less. This is SO unlike me!! It’s like I just woke up from a very long nap and Hello! It’s Christmas, dummy. I have no clue where my head has been. No. Clue.

And the stocking stuffers! Oh geez, oh pete… I just remembered that stuff.

And C-Boy’s gift!! Funny man, that one. All of his favorite things start with a B; it’s totally weird. So we’re building him a basket full of his favorite B’s. So far, I have one B, of like TEN. Luckily, they’re not going to be hard to find.

Y’all, I have NEVER been behind like this before. I’m the Planner, the List-Maker, and the Do-er. I’ve never been last minute or run-to-catch-up… and, honestly? I have NO idea how to deal with it all now except to suck it up and shoot some double espresso shots, then hope like hell my head doesn’t lift off for an impromptu trip to the moon! Heh.

I really do feel like December has whizzed on past me without notice. And while I'm mostly a happy camper, it's time to admit that I am rubber boot deep in some sucking swampy quicksand of a major FUNK. I'd love to say that I'm clueless as to how I got in this position, but I'm not.

Unfortunately, it falls into the "unbloggable" category, though.

Doesn't that suck? *nodding head* Oh yes, indeedy, it does. Because I'd just love to ramble on about it all... but I'm not gonna.

I do believe, however, that a pedicure could save the world at this point. Or at least fix the fact that my middle little toe - on BOTH feet - somehow lost all traces of their polish overnight. I don't know what's up with those sleep fairies but seriously? Enough is enough.
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