Lots of comments this past week and I just haven't been able to get to them all, so I wanted to give a quick shout-out to:

Beeswax: Hey there! Glad to see you back and laughing. Now go update your blog. *grin*

Dancinfairy: Ohhhh, don't I know the temptation of writing about work. And also, for me, POLITICS. Lordy, but I want to write about the current political race. Of course, work would fry me for talking about them, because I'm connected to a large Fortune 500 company, and I would not be showing my best foot... because I have NOTHING nice to say about my particular co-workers at the moment. (run-on much?)

And politics? Well... unless I want to start a political blog, I don't think politics belongs here. *shrug*

BabySis: You better CALL me before you leave tomorrow!!! Aww, heck with that. I'm calling you now, while I write.

Cousin Bubbles: *sniff* I'm so sorry, yes, it is what you are dreading hearing (but you should already know that because I finally broke down and emailed you). And also... 14 times? It takes FOURTEEN times to repeat something before it sinks in? I have three words: Oh. Hell. No.

I don't have the patience to repeat something more than THREE times (and even then, it's wearing on me by the second repetition). How about ONCE with a really good emphasis like, say... a right knock on the head with a crowbar? Then that ONE time will be significantly associated with something to cause hella-memory-capture! Yes?

Of course, if you're dealing with the same person over a period of time with many things to have to remember... they might be brain damaged by the end of that relationship. Oh Darn.

There. Now that all of that is taken care of...

I am SO not happy with nature right now. Earlier in the week, I noticed I had two ant bites on the side of my calf. Most definitely fire ant bites, because we have LOADS of those little suckers around here --- by choice. I know, I know... NUTS right? Well, you choose - fire ants or big honkin' cow/deer ticks. By keeping the ants, we lose the ticks. Yay! I hate ticks. At least I can SEE the damn ants to avoid them.

Umm, obviously not, though... as, like I said, I was sporting two bites on my calf.

They're positioned JUST SO, so when I sit in my office chair in my normal pretzel fashion, that part of my calf sort-of rubs on the leather. By Friday afternoon, I noticed the bite being rubbed the most was getting VERY angry with me. I put my famous deodorant cure on them both and tried not to sit on it. The lower one was mostly gone by the evening but the other was just more inflamed.

Today? I'm starting to wonder if it's a spider bite instead. (Did a spider like SEE the ant bite and get jealous or were they possible arguing and I got into the middle of it?) That MotherScratcher HURTS and it's UGLY looking and it HURTS and it's swollen and infected red. Did I mention it HURTS with a stinging burning sensation not unlike the moment you are bit by a fire ant... except it does not go away?

I fear I'll be heading into the doctor on Monday, which scares the ever-lovin' bejeezus out of me because what are they going to do? Are they going to pick up a scalpel? OH MY LORD... I might need Mr. Clean to come with, in order to hold me down. I am NOT a fan of The Doctor. Nothing against them, I think they're great. I just don't want them touching me with sharp objects. AT ALL. (in other words, I'm a Big Ass Baby)

Things I AM happy with:

1) Shaggy got himself a JOB. And a DRIVER'S LICENSE. Okay, so I'm not necessarily HAPPY about the license, though I am proud. And scared shitless. He drove himself to work on Saturday, for the first time ever. He's so sweet. He texted me from the feed store (where I'd sent him to pick up horse feed on the way to work). He then texted me when he got to work, so I was all comfy and not pacing with the worry. And then, after work, he asked if he could drive to a friend's house and I said, "No. Don't push it." And he didn't argue!

2) Doodlebug had Grandparent's Day at his school on Friday. His live-next-door Grandpa couldn't go so he invited my Dad. I told him not to expect much, because they DO live an hour and a half away. But NO! Daddy was thrilled and immediately made plans to be there! And then he made further plans to take Doodlebug for a weekend sailing trip, too.

We've been talking a while now about Doodlebug setting out on weekends alone with Dad, minus Shaggy, but he (DB) has been a little trepidatious about it all. See, he's not yet a big fan of the new boat. She's wider so when she leans over into the wind, it's not as easy for a short person to brace themselves against the center post in the cockpit. Of course, his first outing in the boat, she heeled over quite far and Doodlebug got a little scared. That being said, he recently decided Oh Hell Yes, he wanted to go on sailing weekends with Papa S, by himself.

So I met them both in town on Friday, in order to pass along an overnight bag. Daddy had brought his Corvette so it was NOT a surprise to see my youngest sitting tall in the front seat, with a grin splitting his face in two. He barely had the patience to hug and kiss me, he was in such a hurry to get on with HIS weekend. *laughing*

Apparently, it's been a GREAT weekend, too... because I have not heard a THING from either of them since that moment.

And in all the silence... I have managed to write TWO flippin' pages of book. Because my leg hurts. Because it is too quiet. Because I am waiting on a NEW pair of $150 ear buds (because the stupid evil psychotic cat pulled a SchaNAZI and chewed through the wires of my current pair).

Oh, by the way, if you think I actually PAID $150 for that first pair... you're NUTS. I found them on sale for $80 or something like that. And then, when my electrical taped chewed pair finally gave out, I went searching for a new sale... and found out they are No Longer MADE. Ack!! After a few more HOURS of searching, I finally found ONE pair on EBay. For $50. Oh Hells Yes! You know I jumped on that deal. They should arrive tomorrow.

And if that cat comes NEAR this pair, I will be soon wearing a cat-skin cap. I think her Tortiose-shell color will quite nicely compliment my auburn hair.

(of course I feel VERY guilty for just writing that because said cat came home the other day with a fat left foot. I think she must have gotten into a tangle with something poisonous -- possibly whatever bit my leg! Or a scorpion. Or a small snake. Of course HERS went down by the next day and she's fine again. Yeah. Forget that guilt thing.)

That's all I've got today. I promised C-Boy I'd run (drive) up to his place and see all the improvements he made this weekend. And I have to figure out how/when I'm getting my youngest child back. And I need to pull some chicken out for dinner.

Oh, quick question --- Do any of you know what to do with five pounds of roma tomatoes? My garden decided to give it all up at once and I haven't a CLUE what to do with them all (and I've already given away HALF of the bounty!). ANY ideas would be GRAND!

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3 Responses
  1. denise bisohp Says:

    Salsa, spaghetti Sauce, can them for the winter.

  2. katkin Says:

    I agree with Denise. Roma's make the best salsa and sauce. Not that I've made them myself, I just eat other people's fruits of labor. Heh.

  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    I was going to say make a ton of sauce and freeze it in batches so that you have it for whenever you need to cook. That is what we used to do when the veg box was full of tomatoes.

    Ours did not go red this year, but we have had very little sun, mainly just rain so it is no wonder. We did get courgettes the side of marrows though!

    The whole work thing is so hard not to write about but it is not worth it. Would get in loads of trouble!!!