I'm two days into school and am seriously questioning my judgment in slamming back a cold double-shot espresso each morning (first thing) and then drinking another coffee on top of that later (when the inevitable crash hits around 10am). I'm all shaky and my body is telling me, "No, no, NO... please stop this."

Except how else am I supposed to wake up? (And even then, it's not doing so great. I had to take a NAP today. At Noon. Ridiculous.)

All that to say, my brain is a little on the fuzzy-crazy side at the moment so I'm having a hard time stringing whole thoughts together. Thus, we're going to have a Random Tidbit Day!

RT #1 - I am SO very annoyed at the guys in Georgia who held a press conference (complete with nifty pictures), stating that they had - Oh Yes, Indeedy! - found a body of BIGFOOT. Because FIRST, they showed this great looking Bigfoot body, which then had Cousin Bubbles calling me to say, "Hey... guess you're NOT nuts." But then it turns out the "body" is a RUBBER SUIT and they are Big Fat Liars. So now... I am NUTS again?

RT #2 - I think GE or LG or Whirlpool need to invent a new refrigerator a'la The Jetsons. This new fridge would absolutely REFUSE to provide anything other than raw veggies or fruit after 8PM. No matter what. No whining or keypad-hitting or begging could induce this new fridge into opening anything other than the fruit & vegetable drawer. Oh, and it would not allow you to hide goodies in the fruit & veggie drawer, either. Just sayin'.

RT #3 - I still need doggy Valium. Or maybe people Valium... though if I took Valium on top of my morning double-shot... WHOO BOY would that be a mistake.

RT #4 - I am Crazy Plotting again. Why yes, I did plot an entire book a little while back. And then I decided I wasn't so excited about it. Boooring. So. I kicked those folks out and am now interviewing new tennants for the empty rooms in my brain. A couple of people I'm slightly familiar with showed up, reminding me of something I'd put down last year. I'm entertaining them for dinner tonight to see how we get on. So far, so good.

RT #5 - Okay, BabySis is leaving on Sept. 9th for Prague. I'll make her check in and give me a Cute Slovenian Guy update as soon as she has one to give.

RT #6 - I have just now decided that I am NOT making dinner tonight (for really real dinner, not the one I'm having with people in my head - there is a difference). I am, however, going to bake some Snickerdoodle cookies. Heh.

That's all I've got. See you soon!

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3 Responses
  1. babysis Says:

    How about I send some photos from my phone??

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Oh yeah, that sounds like a PLAN!

  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    Oh we want the Prague update too, so intriguing!

    Have you read The Host - Stephanie Meyer? I see it on your list. I have just finished it and I loved it. Found it so hard to put down!!!