I stayed up until 2am (poker night) and slept until 10:30am... and I should be as happy as a pig in mud. I feel like crap instead. Apparently, this getting up early is getting to me. And I kinda-sorta MISS it this morning. I feel like half the day has gone by and I have nothing to show for it except a rumpled bed.

Aliens have taken over my body. I feel like a traitor to my normal night-loving self. This is SO not me. Gah! Or maybe I'm slowly evolving into a morning person. (I just gagged a little after typing that)

Honest-to-goodness, there is NOTHING else going on right now. Last night, Shaggy asked if it was okay to have a friend stay the night. "Absolutely, no problem," I told him. A few hours later, he asked if it was okay that another friend came with that friend. I shrugged... not really a big deal. I was away getting my hair cut when Mr. Clean called to let me know he was picking up C-Boy's kiddo on his way home. That makes three. I got home and found out ANOTHER boy was coming with the original two but it was, "OKAY because you haven't seen him since before summer, Mom!" Oh yeah, we ended up with FIVE sixteen-year-olds in the house last night. Woo hoo, fun!

The school year has now OFFICIALLY started and it's time for me to stock up on the junk food.

I've got nothing else for now. Why yes, my life is monotonous and repetitive. And I'm distracted. There is plotting going on in my head as I type this so nothing of consequence is coming out for blogging. Sorry, folks. It happens.
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2 Responses
  1. Beeswax, Says:

    love n missed you so much..you amazing species...get back to the night time routine ..this is giving you writers block ..mind you at least ur not as bad as me iv had it since May ...lol..need to spend some time reading over your blog ..for some mental stimulation you see:)

    you never cease to amaze me...lol...aliens indeed...only thing alien seems to be your sleeping pattern....pls sort it ..i need your input u see:)
    loads of hugs n stuff..Kath...xxx

  2. Dancinfairy Says:

    I know how you feel. I really want to write but all I could say is random stuff about wedding - other than work stuff that I wish I could write about but I don't dare to as the consequences if someone found it would be just too much :o)