Y'all, I seriously feel like Alice's white rabbit. It's all I can do to clamp my lips shut as opposed to running around screeching about what I'm late for and what I've forgotten to do this time. And in the midst of it all, my grey matter is set on hyper-drive... not with big, important things but with little insignificant snatches of thought. I swear there must be a little IMP in my head who's bent on destruction. Right now, he's scanning my inner card catalog and then flinging each entry through the air. Impetuous little snot.

So this weekend... the idea was to go sailing, taking C-Boy and his kiddo along for the ride. We headed out first thing Saturday morning and then promptly hit the biggest rain storm EVER. It followed us all the way to my Dad's house, where we arrived looking like a group of drowned rats.

And then it continued to rain. And rain. And rain. Finally, it stopped, just in time for us to get ready for an engagement party we were to attend. FUN! I spent 30 minutes torturing my hair into place with all manner of instruments and frizz control... and then sighed VERY dramatically when my long, hate-filled locks reverted right back to where they'd been before (this happening LITERALLY as we knocked on the front door of our party destination).

Party was fun. But crowded. The kitchen itself was so packed, my slightly agoraphobic self couldn't manage to eat more than a deviled egg and a tiny square of cheese - these both being located on the kitchen bar where I could snatch and run to less crowded areas.

After returning back to Dad's house, we all sat down and played games until 2am, while secretly praying to the Wind gods for SOMETHING to push the boat along the next day. They didn't so much as answer our prayers as provide a small concession...

We had a nice bright, sunny day with a LITTLE wind, just enough to push us along at a few knots. Not enough to make it necessary to take the boat off auto-pilot. (yes! My Dad's new boat has a freaking AUTO-PILOT switch... go figure!)

When you're hanging out in a boat in calm winds... it's nice... but one starts looking for bigger entertainment. So we threw the oldest boys out of the boat and told them to watch out for sharks…

And then my Dad may have indulged his sick sense of humor… by telling them we were going to dump the holding tank…

And we may have powered up the motor a bit and laughed when they lost their hold of the ropes & buoys we gave them…

I had videos for these but Blogger is a giant POOP and despite attempting to upload them from 8pm until NOW… it refuses to cooperate. And I’m tired of trying. So. No videos.

Also? Guess what? No pictures, either. Because now that Blogger seems to be cooperating enough to let me POST, my satellite connection is now going a bit wonky. I can’t win for losing tonight.

Sufficed to say, I didn’t get as many pictures or video as I’d wanted to because a rather large squall blew in while we were out there, causing us to have to skeedaddle back to the marina pretty quickly.

And I think I’m done with this post now because between this frustration and some heavy-duty PMS, I can’t win for losing tonight.

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2 Responses
  1. babysis Says:

    I am going to Dad's this Friday and Saturday to go sailing with a friend. I bet this weekend is going to be awesome.. hehehe

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Nahhhh, raining all weekend. You're going to have the same weather we did. *grin* Of course, we DID have an awesome time. :) Missed you, though!!