You know, for a Monday, this one is shaping up pretty darn well. This morning, I opened my email and had a BUNCH of comments from the last post. Whoo hooo, comments! Most of them thanks to Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings.

See, Deb, being an audaciously lovely fellow redhead, not only called me SASSY but she also gave me a little blog award. Because she rolls that way. I'm going to have to think on it a little longer before I post it here, because I have to pass it on to 7 others and man, that takes some thought process. Something I don't have much of on Mondays.

So. Hey all you new folks! Lovely to see you here and THANKS for commenting!!

Also? It has to be said. One of the comments came from Michelle over at Bleeding Espresso and... Hello... is that NOT a more PERFECT name for a blog? Coffee-lovers unite! Plus, she has a great blog post about books, which I'm totally going to scam in the next day or so.

Today, I have to announce that I am a seriously happy camper!! Over the weekend, my best-est bud, C-Boy, FINALLY moved back to his place, which is next door-ish to mine (next door being 1/4 mile down our little paved single-lane road - his land backs up to mine). This after a two? three? year absence. Now, it's not like I haven't SEEN him in all that time. We've maintained at least a monthly poker night but that's just not the same as hanging out on a daily/weekly basis. And folks, I have SERIOUSLY missed my friend.

Today he came over to mooch my shower, because his water isn't turned on yet. Yep, things are feeling back to normal. *laughing*

One of the reasons I'm so darn excited about this development... You know how writers are always talking about their muses? The girls in the basement. That strange person in the attic of one's brain. Well, I have an intangible muse here and there but C-Boy? He's my Here-in-the-now-I-can-see-and-touch-him Muse (with a capital M).

It's this weird thing we have. Whenever we get together and talk for hours (which we did, OFTEN, when he lived next door previously)... I get ALL MANNER of ideas and plots and, Oh My Goodness, I WRITE like the gods are going to outlaw words tomorrow. He just sets off all the lovely synapses in my brain like 4th of July fireworks.

And yeah, that sounds sort of selfish... oooh, I want my friend back so I can write. It's not like that. I'm just a happier person when he's around, is all. More relaxed. He makes my stress laugh until tears are rolling down its face and it pees its pants. And then he spouts a conspiracy theory or two - which totally Cracks. Me. Up. because seriously? Conspiracy theories? Oh my. And suddenly, the world is RIGHT again.

Umm, disclaimer, before anyone gets the wrong idea (because apparently people do at times): This is my FRIEND. Not my lover on the side or anything sketchy like that. We're just good, good friends with no benefits involved other than laughter and the occasional shoulder. Disclaimer over.

So. There's that. And that is Oh-So-Good. Plus? Deb called me SASSY. Who wouldn't have a great Monday after that??

Oh, and you lovely PRETTY PRETTY commenters? Thank you! I puffy-pink-HEART you. Stick around and pet my ego, yes?

Okay, I'm off to check out everyone else's blog now for a little ego-petting exchange. All these new ones to look at. Whoo hoo!

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4 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    I went to some of your friend's pages, I could spend hours on the internet. I especially like, Red Shoe Ramblings and Bleeding Espresso. Glad your friend is back, now you should start updating your blog more!

  2. Well one good pet o' the ego deserves another, so here I am :) Thanks for the linky love and as a fellow writer (who used to have one of those manuscript counters in my sidebar until it got too depressing to look at), I say, welcome back Muse!

    And if C-Boy can get in touch with my Muse in the Muse Network or whatever it is they operate within, that'd be great ;)

  3. Oh and thanks to Denise for the kind words too :)

  4. dragonfly Says:

    Espresso - I will endeavor to have C-Boy contact his fellow muses, to tell them get off their duffs and get into action already. *grin*

    The word meter --- yeah, I'm having a hard time parting with it. At the moment, it's reminding me to find what I love about writing again.

    Denise - They ARE awesome and I am SO trying hard. :)