Have you ever had one of those Hot Guy dreams where the guy is no one you know? As in, no known actor and no one you've ever in your life seen before?

I have those all the time and they bug the crap out of me...

... because, Hello Mr. Yummy! Except I can only see him between the hours of 2am and 9am. If my brain feels like providing that particular image.

... because I feel like I need to PLACE the guy somewhere in my conscious memory... And I Can't!

It's not fair. And the dreams themselves never make much sense. Case in point:

Last night I dreamt I was in a ginormous indoor/outdoor mall. In the middle of a long and wide walking area are a bunch of seating areas. Basically, they are raised squares of lattice covered in honeysuckle and flanked by concrete benches. I don't see any stores, though, just long, long endless covered walking area full of lattice, honeysuckle, and benches. There's a warm breeze and sunlight.

And a strange guy in sunglasses zipping around on a forklift claiming aliens are after him. (that's neither here nor there, though... and I suspect it might say something rather psycho about me so I'm putting it aside for the moment)

So. I'm stomping my way to an apartment upstairs (because, in my dreams, there are apartments above shopping malls) and there's this hot guy following me. He keeps asking me to "stop" and "slow down, already" but I'm ignoring him.

I get upstairs and he follows me, his hands out in supplication, as though he's done something wrong. And I'm SO angry. I stomp into the kitchen and start opening and slamming cabinet doors, looking for something. Hot Guy keeps telling me to "just calm down."

I turn around and start screeching at him because, "AGAIN, we are out of my favorite coffee!" and "Who the hell is stealing my good coffee?"

Hot Guy gets all upset - like really upset - as in, he's on his knees and hugging me around the middle... because - get this - he thinks I love coffee more than having sex with him! I pat him on the head and tell him he is SO wrong because, DUDE, he's mind-blowing in the sack.

So he says, "Well, let's go then. I want you so badly."

And I say, "Okay... but can I have a cup of coffee first?"

I'm SO messed up in the head.

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