At the beginning of the summer, Shaggy got himself a job with Wahoo's husband at a construction company - commercial, not residential. They paid him $9.00/hour. The kid made out like a bandit, for all that it required he get up at four o'clock in the morning... the flip-side being that he was home every day by four-thirty in the afternoon AND had weekends off. Bugger.

Yesterday morning he was laid off.

We knew this would be coming because the next job was at a hospital and, apparently, you have to be 18 years old to work within a hospital environment. Whatever. It was a little sooner than expected.

A few of the blessings involved with Shaggy's job:
  • I only had Doodlebug at home and besides the occasional whining when I refused to reveal where I'd hidden the TV remote, he was relatively quiet and entertained himself.
  • Shaggy was too tired between the hours of 4:00pm - 10:00pm to argue or really be anything teenager-like.
  • Shaggy went to bed EVERY night by 10:00pm -- which meant Mr. Clean and I were able to watch the news and/or a movie without constant comments and/or questions. (aside: Shaggy is VERY political for a 16-year-old. He makes A LOT of comments during the news. It's also statistically IMPOSSIBLE for him to watch a movie without asking a question about what just happened or what's going to happen... as though he's a) completely deaf, or b) figures I really AM psychic and always know what will happen next even though I Have Never Seeen It Before!)
Yesterday was the first day he's been home all summer. Even through my YeeHaw-What-A-Great-Monday excitement, my work was interrupted no less than half a dozen times by:
  • Random questions, which made no sense.
  • Minor pouting because the desktop computer is next to my laptop computer - therefore, while I am working, I can read blogs. Unfortunately, this means no one else gets to use the desktop computer while I am "at work".
  • Slightly more than minor pouting because Shaggy no longer has Internet in his room.

And then, Thank The Lord, the boy LEFT the house to hang out with a friend. He arrived back home around 9pm. Ten o'clock rolled around and ummm, there he was. Talking. Talking OVER the news. Eleven o'clock rolled around and yep, still there. Still talking. He decided that RIGHT THEN would be a great time to start a rather loud political discussion with Mr. Clean and then make a blind turn into "I hate my computer. My computer stinks. I need to buy a new computer."

I'll admit it. I cracked. I missed like the FOURTH punchline on whatever it was I was watching (I don't even recall now, I got so angry). My head popped off and bounced across the room. It screamed like a banshee as it rolled to a stop and then my eyes turned green, my hair turned into snakes, and now I have a nice stone statue of a teenager in my living room.

I made him go look for a job today. I can't do this. He's driving me batshit crazy.

He put in applications at Double Dave's Pizza and Starbucks. I figure at the least I should get a free slice or a coffee. Ya know? At best, I'll enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Still, I'm rather close to calling Scare Tactics and begging them to dress like aliens in order to scare the ever-loving bejeezus out of the boy. After he's done peeing his pants and putting his heart back into his chest... once he realizes it was all a staged setup by his own dear, sweet mother... an all-encompassing bout of anger will fill his skinny little body. And then? Then, I'm going to say, "THAT'S what it feels like when you break into the ONE bit of peace I have left each day".
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2 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    Everyone needs a break!! Even mom's. I want to know who the kid is backing in the election, based on what you have posted, I would think that there are some heated discussions between mr. clean and Shaggy!!

  2. Denise Says:

    and . . I am proud of you, lot's of work on your blog this week. Keep it up!