That little run of silence there, that was me working very hard... to find work. My job runs from oh-my-God-I'll-never-get-this-all-done to holy-crap-can-I-just-find-SOMETHING-to-do like one of those roller coasters with so much g-force your picture shows your tonsils. This week was S-L-O-W and slow periods make it difficult to get my hours and sometimes that means I have to work a little on the weekend. I did NOT want to work over the weekend, because...


That's right. This weekend is my Dad's Annual Boys Only Sail Weekend. Woo hooo, no girls allowed.

Thursday morning, I woke to the muffled voice of my DAD standing in my bedroom doorway, yelling, "You're still sleeping?" Ye, gods! It was only 8am! I'd just gone to bed at 3:30am and couldn't sleep through Mr. Clean's snores, so was sporting a pair of squashy purple earplugs I'd inserted at 4am. Plus my lovely "mouthpiece" that keeps me from cracking my teeth while I sleep. Of course, the only thing my brain was rattling off at the moment I peered through sleep-crusted eyes and saw my Dad was, "Holy Shit I'm glad I'm not sleeping NEKKID."

Because I usually do. Only I'd gotten a little cold so had put on a nightie. Thank. God. (of course, my Dad did see my adult nekkid buttocks while I was pacing in the delivery room, in labor with Doodlebug. But STILL.)

I must digress for a moment: I talk a lot about parental revenge on here and it's been rearing its ugly head a LOT over the last month or so. I'm convinced I'm speaking English but all of the occupants in this house are only hearing Japanese. And therefore don't listen to me. So when I told the boys to clean their bathroom before they left with Dad, they... of course... ignored me. Big. Mistake. Daddy jumped on those boys like a starving flea on a dirty hound dog and stayed right over their shoulders until that bathroom looked like the pearly gates to Heaven. I'm now out of bathroom cleaners. All of them. The boys were miserable. (hee!) I was trying my best not to skip around the house singing show tunes. Sometimes grandparental meddling pays off. Digression over.

So. I had all of Thursday by myself in the house to get work done. And then Mr. Clean was nice enough to take me out to dinner, where I fell asleep in my salad because I'd been running on four hours all day. I don't do well on four hours. Five? Absolutely. Less than five? No freaking way.

Friday, Mr. Clean had the day off. He spent most of it working in the rose gardens, which had began to resemble the outer ring at Sleeping Beauty's castle. I worked. And then I put on my girly pink flip-flops and left to get my hair done - because no alone weekend starts off right without a fresh hair cut!

Those pink flip-flops, aren't they cute? Excuse the feet, though. I am totally incapable of sitting in my office chair correctly. Therefore, I sit with one of my feet beneath me and when it falls asleep, I switch to the other... repeating for eight hours. That's why the piggies on my left foot look three times the size of those on my right. And my stupid ankle is swollen. Because I cannot sit properly.

Anyhoooo. Last night, I returned from the salon with a nice nutritional dinner - a venti iced latte and a slice of pumpkin bread. Oh yeah, nectar of the gods! And then I told Mr. Clean to please quit calling me because, hello, no girls allowed... and that includes phone calls!

While they were fishing until midnight, I was watching The Other Boleyn Girl. While they were duking it out for sleeping space either in a yacht club cabana or on the boat itself, along with my grandfather, uncle, a cousin-in-law, and three more 2nd cousins, I was hogging the exact CENTER of my king-sized bed. Heh. I truly hope they're having a blast.

Of course, today.... well, now I don't know what to do with myself.

And I'm bored.

Wahoo is out doing a rodeo this weekend and may or may not be back tonight. C-Boy has his boy this weekend and I'm doing the kid-free thing. I may go do coffee tonight (either here or at the coffee shop) with another friend, but haven't heard anything yet. So. For now, I'm blogging. And then I may write some new snippets I have floating around in my head.

But first, I need lunch. Because I have not had breakfast. And I am starving. Apparently, I don't remember to cook when other people aren't here.

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