Umm, yeah, so a little time has passed between blogs again. Apparently, I had this event, called a birthday? And it sort of didn't go over very well. Who knew I'd have such issues with 36? (ugh, I still don't like typing it all that much but I'm getting used to it)

The birthday part itself went over swimmingly! It was the number itself that failed to resonate with lovely pealing chimes of joy. More like the deep, deathly bong of a funeral bell. Heh. I wish I was kidding.

So I had this sort of birthday get-together with some friends last weekend. We grilled some juicy steaks and served them up with twice-baked potatoes and broccolini. And then I put on my apron and whipped out some pecan-bourbon creme brulee, which immediately attached a few more pounds to my ass. (the eating of it was soooo good, though) Aftewards, I knocked back a few glasses of Cranberry and Malibu and played a couple of hours of poker. To music that everyone complained about (because it was depressing... ummm, okay? I didn't think so but then my brain hasn't quite been in the right place for a couple of weeks now). Urgh!

We played some horseshoes the next day. And I got sunburned. Woohoo for the shiny red shoulder look! (ow!) Before any of you do the whole sunscreen spiel... I was wearing SPF 50. I just sort of missed a chunk of each shoulder.

My best friend - CBoy - bought me a lovely four-leaf clover pendant. It opens. Normally, I would know what to call that but today, I haven't a clue. You know what I'm talking about, right? Anyhow, he got it because it represents the smallest box he could possibly buy me (I collect them) PLUS I can put it on my charm bracelet, so look! It's also a charm (I collect them as well). He rocks. Along with the necklace, he gave me a bouquet of gorgeous yellow tulips and a bottle of Angel Reisling. Yum.

BabySis bought me the ULTIMATE gift -- All 7 seasons of Buffy!!! OMG, I'm loving every second of every disc... watched on the home computer while I'm working the day job on my laptop. It's awesome!! (thank you, Baby Girl, THANK YOU!) Just today, I had a nice big boo-hoo cry-a-thon watching the finale of Season 2. Wooo-BOY, was that cathartic.

Or maybe it was just hormones. My girly bits are currently flummoxed, causing my family me to suffer from occasional REDRUM moments, followed by some head-spinning and demon gibberish. It's sort of sad when you identify with Buffyesque demons more than the human characters. Yeah, Casa de Dragonfly has not been a Fun House this week. *wry laughter*

Umm, what else?

Well, I found a creepy hybrid tree in my back pasture the other day. It looks like it used to be an oak tree but at some point a blackberry vine grafted itself to the trunk and now it's an oak tree growing blackberries! I kid you not; they're dropping out of the sky all over the ground. It's strange as hell and I have pictures.... but not with me just now. They're on Shaggy's camera and he hasn't downloaded them for me yet. As soon as he does, I'll show you!

Writing -- I've been intermittently writing, sort-of. I managed some new outlining and bits and pieces here and there but my main goal at the moment is to get everything on the laptop. I might have already posted this. If so, umm... yeah... haven't quite gotten to that yet. WORK! I blame WORK! It's a horrible four-letter word that has DEMANDS and keeps moving my CHEESE. I don't like cheese-moving. I really like cheese-staying but work is a nasty greedy RAT that keeps stealing mine. I'm very close to calling an exterminator.

Really, there's not much else. Things have been relatively boring around here. And that's not a BAD thing! See? Boring = NORMAL and Normal = NON-SHAKESPEAREAN! Normal, non-dramatic life is really like a piece of blatant happiness pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream. Oh, and a cherry on top!

No complaints here. Well, except for that 36 thing.

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2 Responses
  1. Bubbles Says:

    Two things...

    Brother is engaged!

    I want the creme brulee recipe.

    Love you.

  2. Dancinfairy Says:

    I too own all 7 series of Buffy. I am now on the last 4 episodes of Season 4. Apparently I have been watching too much of it because I start to say Buffy-esque words and was wondering if my inability to sit in sunshine means that I was a vampire in a previous life.

    I am on the downhill stretch to 30 at the moment. You seem to have achieved a lot in those 36 years, especially that wonderful family you have!