Amazingly, I have more than one thing alive out here. Yes, folks, I'm finally keeping my promise to show you my green things!

Every day I go outside and am just astounded that everything has not revolted and died overnight. I'm honestly flabbergasted by it all. So are you ready for a tour of my green things?

Right outside my back door, on my back porch (that needs to be completely rebuilt), I have these beauties:
Strawberries! I have two of these and it'll be nice when they start giving more than one berry at a time.

Next, we have a big pot of Oregano. At some point, I'm going to have to thin this out (like, umm.. Now) but I have no clue how to do so. I was sort of hoping they'd thin themselves out. Dream on, right?

A little farther down the line is Sage, Cilantro (that needs to be used already; it's browning), Italian Parsley, and Basil (Genovese), which is looking fabulous. Just out of sight on the left is a pot of Garlic Chives. We had some of those on baked potatoes the other day and it was sooo good. Out of sight on the right is another pot of Basil (Sweet).

Just across the deck are my veggie pots:
Cucumbers! Cherry & Grape Roma Tomatoes!

Look at those little gems.
And these! I'm going to be in tiny tomato heaven soon. (except those grape romas are not grape-sized... At. All. They're HUGE)

Now, let's head out to the real garden:

Not all of it is planted yet, and... yes... there is a little grass growing here and there on the rows not yet planted and in between some of the others. I can't decide -- leave the grass between or wipe it all out? We have very serious grass here. Insistent, persistent, stubborn Let-Me-Grow! grass. Not very garden-friendly.

This is my entire row of tomatoes. Yes, ENTIRE row. Mr. Clean thought he was being helpful when he brought home 3 Beefsteak tomato plants and 12 Roma tomato plants. TWELVE! We're going to be living on pasta for a long time to come. And I'd better figure out the whole canning conundrum. Thankfully, Wahoo is a canner-extraordinaire. I'm going to steal her away from her home and hold her hostage once all these tomatoes start growing (fruiting?).

Lima Beans!
Cow Peas (Purple-Hulled/Pink-Eyed)
Speckled Butter Beans!

Green Beans!

And at the back, I have four rows of this stuff:
Little baby cornlings. I planted three types of corn: a yellow/white checkered, sweet yellow, and super-sweet white.

Here's one of the Bell Peppers I have. Do you see the little pepper growing? Mr. Clean bought these already started (they were on sale, so he says). The rest of the row is planted with seeds. I forgot I'd done that until just now, while typing. I'll have to run out there later and see if anything is sprouting!

Last, I have some tiny, tiny carrots starting to poke through. These.... I planted them ALL wrong. I don't know what I was thinking. The sun was hot and I was sweaty and tired. My brain must have fallen out of my head at some point. I dug a little trench down the length of the row and sprinkled the seeds. Ummm, DUMMY. I'd meant to spread them out width-wise as opposed to length-wise. So, probably not too many carrots, unless I go back and plant the rest of the row top.

And that's it, for now. I think I waited too long to plant the spinach I had and then I thought, "Hmm, are we really going to eat that much spinach?" I might try growing a small amount in pots on the porch instead. I'm also still waiting on my Sweet Potatoes. When they arrive, I'll plant them and the onions, since they go in the same row.

Once the rest of the peppers sprout and the corn gets a little bigger, I'll take more pics.

Who knew the Clueless could grow stuff?

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  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    That all looks amazing. I will have to take some pictures of Paul's adventures in gardening too!