I've officially run out of room on my office cabinet doors for sticky notes. Like neon-colored ivy, they've trailed out across the shelf ends on either side and some seedlings have now sprouted along the back wall beneath. I'm staring at one smack-dab in the middle, behind my laptop, right at eye level. It says: 500 Words Per Day!! GO!!

I've managed to ignore it for 2 days now and I feel like SUCH a loser.

But.. but.. but... I got 960 words on Sunday and 500 last Friday. I keep telling myself this in the hopes of relieving the crushing weight of You Suck. I need 2040 words before Friday morning to make this week's goals. Do you think blogging counts? It's not like I wrote on the sticky note 500 words per day ON YOUR WIP, right?? I totally think it should count.

My inner Speaker of the House just said: Psssshhhhhhawwwww... yeah, RIGHT. (and I just mentally stuck my tongue out at her)

The crazy is hitting hard this week. Umm, obviously? Guess what doesn't help things along?

In three days, I am braving a LOAD of teenagers, who will all be dancing around a giant bonfire in my backyard. It'll be Shaggy's first teenager party... with GIRLS. Please pray for me. I keep seeing images of Lord of the Flies running through my head, followed by snips and snatches of The Blue Lagoon. *laughing*

I am buying LOTS of alcohol - for the adults. For ME.

I don't know why I'm so nervous about this whole thing. It's not like it's a really big deal, except that it is. A whole bunch of parents out there are going to ditch their budding teenagers at my house with the expectation they'll be safe. And they will be, though hopefully not at the cost of my "World's Greatest Mom" status (all of Shaggy's friends refer to me as 'World's Greatest Mom' as opposed to Mrs. Dragonfly). I kinda like having that around.

Lucky for us, Shaggy has aligned himself with a really great cast of friends, all of whom are very vocal about No Drugs - No Alcohol. If I had to describe them in high school clique-speak, I'd say Jock-Preps, all of them. I totally flinched when I typed that. (and now I'm laughing) Me? I was nothing specific but I definitely hung out with the Stoner crowd more often than not. Yeah, I bet that says a bunch in very few words.

Shaggy's girlfriend will be here. Doesn't that just say it all??? Changing the subject now. Heh.

So, the writing is coming along. It's not all gangbusters or anything but it's happening in snips and snatches. Slowly. Carefully. I'd really hoped for a flood but... it's just not raining words yet.

Ohh Ohh Ohh! I do have to tell y'all this, though. My Daddy; he's like that guy in the Greek wedding movie who thinks Windex cures all. Except it's not Windex, it's things like saltwater and whatnot. WEIRD stuff, usually. I was complaining the other day about finding deer and raccoon tracks in my garden (before I've even PLANTED anything!!) and his response:

Make the boys PEE in a 5 gallon bucket. Then, mix in some liquid Tide and spread it around the outside of the garden area.

I, understandably, said: Excuse me? You're JOKING, Right?

He wasn't joking. Swore up and down it will work like a charm. Told me to go check the Farmer's Almanac because he heard about it on the radio one day while the Farmer's show was playing. (Daddy listens to farmer shows?? I never knew. Heh. That's SO funny to me, y'all... you just don't know) Anyhow - I checked and sure enough, it SAYS THAT.

I've asked all of Shaggy's friends to please leave a deposit once I find a suitable bucket, as I will NOT be squatting over a bucket, thank you very much. They think I'm the second coming in stand-up comedy.

Can I just say, though? EWWWWW! This really squicks me out. But BY GODS if boy-pee doesn't keep those deer out, I'm having Venison for summer BBQ.

And on that note... I think I'm off to watch American Idol. I have a total girl-crush on Jason Castro. He reminds me of Jack Johnson, except without the sand & surf (and with dreads). I also love Michael Johns. I'm conflicted.

(p.s. I totally just rapped out 736 words, not counting this p.s., which I'm SO counting also!)

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  1. katkin Says:

    I'm with you there on Jason Castro. There is just something so cute, shy and sweet about him.