Wow, I've sort of neglected y'all here lately (again). I had no clue so much time had passed since I last posted something. That, right there, should tell you just how Zzzzooom! things have been.

Zzzzooom! - It's 3:15am and I just can't think of a word to describe it. It's a sound, like a very large angry bee buzzing the tower that is my head. Life has been passing by at 20 G's and I don't think my hair will ever be the same.

So, yeah... the writing? Bwahahahahaha. It's been a bit of a joke finding even a moment. Surely, I could either write while I eat lunch or skip lunch entirely? Umm, no. I have issues with dripping taco juices and paper. It's like wearing white clothing - not going to happen for me. Skipping lunch? I've actually done that, but in order to work on Help-It's-Broken! emergency projects for my day job.

I did manage to eek out about 500 words on Wednesday night, during Shaggy's hour-long warm up prior to his baseball game. I even managed a few words during the first couple of innings. After that I was just too darn ticked to write. It was not a good game. And I am not a good bench-mom. (I do keep my mouth shut... but only barely)

Tonight, I found myself pondering a Really Big Question with regards to my WIP. The setting for this book is, quite literally, a hidden world within the current world as we know it. It's speculative fiction; certainly a giant What If question. My problem is how to introduce this speculative world without falling victim to pages and pages of info-dumping. Yuck.

I thought, "Hmm... I just need to find some movies dealing with relatively similar scenes and then apply my information to their info-releasing template." Except, I can't think of any movies that fit.

Mr. Clean has suggested Firestarter and something called Universal Soldier. I don't even Recall the latter and have not seen the former in some years --- though I do recall that Firestarter uses quite a bit of flashback to reveal the circumstances driving the plot. I don't want to utilize flashbacks for that purpose because I'm already dealing with some hypno-therapy sessions and a little brainwashing gone bad - resulting in some flashbacks / moments of clarity.

I thought, for a moment, to look at Sky High or X-Men but then I realized both movies are set in worlds that are very aware of their inner world existence. My inner world is Very hidden from everyone else (at least at the beginning). Think CIA black ops hidden. Think Manhattan Project hidden.

GAH!!! I'm in such a snit over answering this question. The rest of the book simply does not want to reveal itself until the question has a viable answer and therefore my beginning can take a firmer shape than it's current just-dissolved-Jello mess.

I tried calling BabySis to talk "book" for a bit, as it sometimes helps me find my footing to just jabber on with someone else. She didn't answer the phone (probably at work). When she tried returning the call later, I wasn't up for it any longer.

I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later but - and I recognize and excuse myself for this - first I find I must go through the whining stage, then anger, then some cover-myself-in-honey mental illness and finally, FINALLY, it will come to me like a lightning bolt from nowhere. Until then, I'm just a big blubbering mass of hysteria.

Seriously? I cannot WAIT for this new coffee shop to open down the road.

In other news... boy bonfire party (with some girls) went over swimmingly. Some time soon I must tell you about what it's like to wake up to SEVEN stinky teenaged boys' stomachs growling.

This weekend is already forming a queue of madness. Wahoo's twin girls are having a DJ party for their 13th birthday. Double baseball games - at the same time, but in two different towns - on Saturday (prefaced by batting practice early Saturday morning). And on Sunday, my cousin Bubbles is coming into town... so dinner out, maybe a book store splurge, and some catching up. We were supposed to have poker this weekend but... Helloooooo, not going to work with this schedule.

Shaggy wanted some of his friends/teammates to spend the night on Friday. I laughed so hysterically I had a stroke.

Momentary R-Rated Digression --- No one ever told me what a toll it would take on my sex life to be "that house" where everyone always goes to stay on the weekends. And the sheer amount of groceries I am buying here lately makes me want to start invoicing some of the other parents. Good LORD, how much can your 6' bean-pole eat??? No, don't answer that question. Really. It's better for my health to TRY and remain somewhat in the dark. Hiding. With my last two granola bars (that took me two stores to find). --- Digression over.

Come to think of it... if any of you have recipes or ideas for quick, easy, and CHEAP snack food that can sate a growing boy's hunger (for more than 5 minutes... I'm aiming for 1 hour, if possible) --- PLEASE SEND! I'm begging ya. They found my M&M's today. It wasn't pretty.
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