Let's face it, this blog says "spasmodic ramblings" up top for a very good reason. I ramble. Intermittently. On occasion. Sometimes. And - as many of you can tell - sometimes not at all.

Getting here to blog feels like such a chore lately and it's not because I don't want to, it's because I have Nothing To Say. Whenever I have a moment of down time, my brain is filled with Zoe-project-this and Zoe-project-that... nothing else. This past week, I've been setting things in place so I'm held accountable for writing at least 500 words per day. It starts today. Mr. Clean is now the CEO of Accountability with instructions to be blunt (but not mean).

Right now, this moment, I'm blogging as a means of procrastination. *laughing* I'd like to get back to blogging for a purpose, even if it is small. I believe once I get my writing back on track, the rest will fall into place.

Aside: Mr. Clean just came in, kissed the top of my head, and said, "I'll expect to see five hundred words when I get back from detailing your truck. One thousand would be better, though." He's taking his job seriously.

So here are some ramblings, a few snatches of "stuff" from this past week, things on my mind:

* Shaggy has invented a new word. He keeps leaving essays for school on my desk with sticky notes on them, stating, "Will you please grammatize this for me?" Heh. Now everyone in the house is using the word: grammatize. While driving home from the grocery store last night, Shaggy was going on about this and that and blurted out a sentence just ripe with errors of grammar (he does this when excited about something). Doodlebug interrupted him to say, "Do I need to grammatize you?"

* Speaking of grocery stores... Oh. My. Gawd. Last night's trip was nothing special. The list contained the usual amount of items to last the next two weeks. Nothing out of the ordinary except for some facial items I needed. The bill for a trip like this is usually in the $250.00 range. AFTER saving $47.00 in coupons and store discounts, last night's total was $326.00!! At which point I blurted "Where's The Fruitbat?!" and then promptly had an aneurism. Seriously?? I'm dying here. All I can say is that this garden thing better work.

* I have officially given up trying to grow cherry tomatoes from seeds. I bought two plants yesterday - a Super Sweet 100 and a Grape Roma. They're now sitting very pretty in giant pots on my back porch, along with two strawberry plants, and another pot of dirt where Doodlebug planted some Bluebonnet seeds. The back porch is looking green and pretty and growing. The main garden area... looks like a giant plot of dirt. Mr. Clean is planning on tilling in a load of compost today so I'm about to get started on growing some bean seedlings, I think. And some regular tomatoes... maybe. I might just go back and buy those too (except I can't find the ones I wanted, dang it!).

* Yesterday, Doodlebug had his first baseball game of the season. Joy! As soon as the other team walked out onto the field to warm up, I predicted a loss for our team (I'm so optimistic). I was right. 13-2. And you know what? Grrrrrrr... it didn't have to be that bad! Most of the errors were very basic things like, say, over-throwing first base. Helloooo... he's that little guy standing on the bag, not the person walking by on the other side of the fence! And then there was Doodlebug who, while yes he did get a run in... he also stood at the plate wielding his bat like a samurai sword before swinging. WTF? Was he trying to find his "Zen"? His answer: "I was stretching my wrists." Uh huh. Sentence of the weekend: Your bat is not a samurai sword.

His coaches, after the game, mentioned something about concentrating on batting at their next practice. This irks me a bit for two reasons: One, I think the simple act of catching and ummm, I don't know, THROWING the ball correctly might be more important at the moment. And two, we currently pay good money every Saturday for Doodlebug to get a session with Shaggy's batting coach. I do not want some yahoo who thinks he's the next big baseball coach screwing up the absolutely wonderful instruction I'm already PAYING for my kid to have.

Moving on before that turns into a real rant.

* Moose, the chocolate lab puppy, has now officially made friends with Merlin, our mini-Aussie (who is apparently stealing the puppy's food because the scale read 43 lbs. at the vet's office yesterday). As you may have read last year, we stole Merlin's clothes right about this time... shaving the poor guy from full lion's mane and puff-ball butt down to nothing. He pouted for weeks about being nekkid (but seriously? It was So much cooler for him).

This year, I think he's going to thank us. Moose is entirely enamored with Merlin's mane of hair. He thinks all that lovely hair was made Just. For. Him. I think Merlin is supremely patient. Last night the puppy grabbed hold of his mane and proceeded to drag him across the wood floor in the living room, shaking his head back and forth as he did so... you know, like he was playing tug-o-war and Merlin was the ROPE. This has become the nightly game.

Moose grabs hair, pulls, tugs, shakes his head, growls... and Merlin lies there looking up at us with these eyes that say, "Are you seeing this? Do you see what I put up with?" At some point he'll get tired of it and grab the pup's muzzle, squeezing it until he lets go, and then jump up, spin around, and SIT on the puppy... pinning him to the ground so all you can see is a big fluffy butt of hair with little brown legs kicking and flailing from beneath. The pup retaliates by pulling butt hairs and the whole shebang starts over again, except now with barking and growling and NOISE. I forgot what it was like to have two dogs in the house.

And on that note, since it is currently very quiet in the house, I am off to go write. Well first, I have to download three songs from iTunes and THEN I'm going to write. Heh.
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  1. Katkin Says:

    LOL! Your Moose sounds wonderful! I've got a new kitten and my two older cats are suffering so much. Heh. They so do NOT want to play