I'm playing hooky today. Is it still hooky if you use a vacation day? Probably not but it's my day and I'm calling it that anyhow.

Right now, I'm just hanging out and catching up on blogs and a writer's forum posts.

Later, if Wahoo isn't dying of the plague (she's at the doctor's office right now because she says, "There is a razor blade hiding in my throat and my snot is green.") we're going to go to this little pottery place where you can paint your own stuff. I've been dreaming of a giant coffee mug with a dragonfly on it. And then coffee will be imbibed, along with a piece of pumpkin loaf.

Right now, I'm listening to thunder and the sounds my wind chimes make when they are blowing sideways (not pretty). And I'm looking at the radar on WeatherBug, which is telling me there is a tornado watch. Ugh.

Later, I'm going to write! I got my 500 words on Sunday but nothing yesterday. PMS. Monday. Need I say more? I dare say excuses are not needed for that one.

Right now, I'm going to post a neat little movie guessing thing that DebR had over on her blog a few days ago. But first, I have to tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday, I was plogging along doing my job with only an occasional glance out the window. Mondays are fresh hell so I was really busy. And then... my entire office lit up in this eerie blue light, accompanied by a high-pitched zap of electric sizzle. I almost peed myself. Seriously. I looked around and all my power was on. My computers didn't even blip. So what was it? Lightning? Aliens? No clue - which is why I totally freaked.

I ran to the back door. Nothing. Ran to the front door. Nothing, except both dogs and the horse were wigging out like something had definitely just happened. At least I now knew it was not my imagination. Not that I just randomly dream up bright blue lights and electric sizzle sounds but I have been known to make big deals out of things that turn out to be nothing much at all.

Digression: Case in point -- the other night I was Sure - Absolutely SURE - that someone was crouched by the big tree outside our gate. I could see his arm in the small amount of light reaching that far from our yard light. (Btw - it's always a him. Why would any self-respecting woman crouch, at night, beside a tree?)

I fretted and twirled my hair tightly around my finger as I stared out that window, just POSITIVE someone was staring back at me. It was 3am and how could I possibly go to sleep when I knew someone was out there? I didn't want to wake up Mr. Clean though because... well... I do that sort of often. Too often. And he's such a patient saint of a man but dang, he deserves his sleep. So I sucked it up and went to bed when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

The next morning, I looked out the window and could see a splash of white angled down the tree trunk. Shaggy had thrown out some old icing and I guess he decided to be artistic with his task.

So, yes, when icing on a tree trunk = boogeyman's arm as he crouches in my bushes waiting to spring over my gate to come and get me.... I might be a little overreactive. Digression over.

Back to the blue lightning --- My first instinct was to gather some validation so I grabbed my cell and started to call my Father-In-Law. Surely, living just next door, he had to have seen or heard something! He wasn't home. Instead, I called Mr. Clean and told him War of the Worlds was coming down upon us. He laughed at me as he asked, "Is the A/C working? Is everything in the boys' rooms okay? Is there a smell outside?" I'm pretty sure he only asked the last one for the enjoyment of hearing me grouse about going outside where surely it was Not Safe.

All in all, everything was totally fine. I chalked it up to imagination or maybe just a rogue lightning strike and went back to work.

An hour later, it happened again. Except THIS time my FIL was home and he backed me up. Loud explosion. Blue light. Still no clue.

A couple of hours later, after Shaggy had come home from school... it happened again. Shaggy comes tearing out of his room. This last one shook the house. We looked at each other wide-eyed and tense. "What the HECK was that?" We went outside... nothing.

It wasn't until he went out to the bus stop to get Doodlebug that the mystery light/sound was revealed. Apparently, the transformer for our road's power was blowing. The electric guys kept putting new coils up there and they just kept blowing up. We're on a completely separate line so it wasn't affecting us at all (beyond freaking us the hell out).

I still don't think Mr. Clean completely believed me until it happened while we were out playing baseball before dinner. The world lit up in a sharp, hot blue light... loud explosion... smoke drifting off on the wind. "Hah!" I told him. "See! I am NOT nuts!!" (I always find it necessary to point out how I am not crazy. Do not look for a Freudian message in that.)

So that was my excitement for yesterday. Woo hoo!

I'm going to put the movie thing in a new post... because this ended up longer than I'd expected. Who knew I had something to say. *grin*
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