It has been one heck of a weekend around here, so far. Add the time change in and I'm all out of sorts. Let's review:

Friday - Two days after Shaggy turned SIXTEEN years old -- *sigh* -- Mr. Clean took our baby to the DMV so he could take his driver's test and get a learner's permit. They arrived back home a while later and Shaggy was in a right pissy mood. He stalked out of the truck and slammed our main gate closed. I watched him out my office window and thought, "Great... he failed the test." But then, as I watched him slam the gate AGAIN, I realized he was dramatizing. That little booger was going to PRETEND to have failed!!

He and Mr. Clean came into the house and I waited for the acting to start. Except, it didn't. Shaggy plopped down on the couch and stuck his head beneath a pillow and Mr. Clean just shook his at me. Finally, he told Shaggy to come talk to me about what he missed on his test. My heart sank. He trudged into my office and slid down the wall to sit on the floor, his face in his hands. And then I caught him laughing behind his hands. Of course, he passed!! Look out drivers....

Later, we turned around and drove back out to get his passport application in so he can go on the cruise with us in June. That was fun. A driver's permit and a passport in one day. Pretty soon, he'll be able to drive off or fly out of the country any time he chooses. I'm so not prepared for this.

Saturday - We normally take the boys out for dinner and a movie (their choice on both) for their birthdays (aside from their "party"). They invite family out to go with us and it's just a small affair. This year, Shaggy decided he wanted his girlfriend to come with us - the one who's not allowed to date. Her Dad called Mr. Clean and they had a nice little chat on the phone, which culminated in our having permission to pick her up and then drop her back off at home after all the festivities. Heh.

Let me just say, I never knew a 10 year old could be such a WONDERFUL back-seat chaperone!!

We had lunch at a local seafood place, along with my Dad and Mom2 (my stepmom). So. Much. Fun! Then, we went to see Jumper at the theatre. Doodlebug sat next to his brother while Mr. Clean and I sat one row in front of them. After that, we stopped off for coffee and then took her home (before we headed BACK OUT to Wahoo's to hang around a bonfire for a while).

The girlfriend - Very sweet, though a little on the quiet side. We were all pretty rambunctious, though, so I don't blame her. My favorite moment was when she corrected Shaggy's English (her favorite subject in school, by the way). I decided then, we might keep her. Later, she texted Shaggy and said she liked us (me!) and that she would have talked more at lunch if we'd talked about other things besides sailboats. *laughing*

Sailboats? Yes!

See, Daddy was very excited because for Valentine's Day, Mom2 traded in his 36' boat and came out with a brand spanking new absolutely gorgeous 40-footer. Oh my goodness am I in love with this new boat. It has TWO cabins, one with a queen-sized bed. It has lots and lots of sitting space in the dining area - white leather (though I said, "White?? Are you serious?"). As far as boats go, she's a hottie. And of course, the first thing I said when I saw pictures of her was, "Girls Night Out!!"

And then my Dad laughed so hard, he had a stroke.

Background -- Some years ago, Wahoo, another friend, my SIL, and I all went down to Galveston for a festival-type thing (Dickens on the Strand). Basically, it's like a Victorian-themed renaissance festival. Basically-basically, it's an excuse to get trashed. So we all went down there, had a good time, and then drove over to the yacht club where my Dad's boat lived - our hotel room for the night. Did I mention the yacht club had a pool / hot tub? And that we had a backpack bar?

Girls being girls, we threw on our suits and sat out in the hot tub with our solo cups for quite a while. Someone got naked - I won't mention who to protect identities.... hahahaha. But funny enough, the yacht club security guard decided to check on us RIGHT WHEN that someone decided to get naked. I almost peed myself laughing because I knew that guard was Sooooo going to tell on us to my Dad. (He did) It might have been my little girls weekend but I can't control people's clothing options!!

After that, we decided enough was enough, got naked chick dressed and then headed back to the boat to hit the hay.

When we woke up the next morning, I took a deep breath and shrieked, "Oh My God, what is that stench?! It smells like fermenting peaches in here!" Frantically, I tore through the cabin asking, "Did someone spill alcohol? I'm going to kill whoever spilled alcohol in my Dad's boat! Oh My God, he's going to shoot me! I said No Alcohol on the boat itself!"

They all groaned and held their heads to ward off my shrieking.

Later - showered and dressed - we went back to the boat and cleaned everything so it looked shiny new. It still reeked, though, and we couldn't find the source. I said a little prayer and locked the boat up, hoping whatever it was would dissipate by the time my Dad came out next.

It wasn't until we were all piled into the car and driving home, the A/C weak and all of us sweating, that I realized what the stench was. It Was US!! It was all the alcohol we'd had, sweating out our pores. The inside of the car slowly began to take on the stink of a distillery vat, fermenting its little heart out. I honestly honestly did not think we had THAT much to drink. Oh, we had fun... but not THAT much fun (naked chick not included - she had more fun than all of us put together).

Thus began years of ribbing from my Dad about how I ruined his boat forever because it never fully stopped smelling like someone used to make moonshine in there. Thus, when I brought it up over lunch...

Dad: "Noooooo, last time you spilled alcohol in my boat!"
Me: *slowly shaking head*
Dad: You didn't spill alcohol?
Me: Umm, no. That smell was from us.
Dad: From YOU? How was it from you?
Me: Umm, from our sweat?
Dad: You had that much to drink?
Me: *looking down* Uh huh.
Dad: *laughing so hard he had a stroke*

He always knows how to make me feel like I'm twelve years old again.

I assured him it would not be the same friends, I am too old to drink like that now, Plus? His new boat has righteous air conditioning, not the piddly thing the last one had.

He fell out of his chair.

I don't think there's going to be a girls weekend on the boat anytime soon. I'm almost 36 years old and apparently, I'll still need my Daddy to chaperone my boat outings for a few more years. Maybe when I'm 40, he'll let me go out there again on my own. *laughing*
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  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    Congratulations to Shaggy :o)

  2. katkin Says:

    Yes! Congrats Shaggy! And Dragonfly, aren't Daddy's wonderful?! I miss mine so much and he's been gone for almost 20 years.