Just a quick post today, I think. We'll see.

I meant to get on here Sunday but early that morning, my father-in-law called to say he was having chest pains so he was going to drive himself to the hospital and needed someone to come down and watch my mother-in-law. Now did you get that? He's having chest pains but HE is going to DRIVE HIMSELF to the hospital. Yeah. And the bugger was already gone before we could get dressed and out the door... even after we told him to WAIT. He's one stubborn son-of-a-gun, I tell ya.

He'd been complaining of heartburn like issues for about a week and has a pacemaker. He also apparently has a deep-abiding love for The Google and WebMD. Mr. Clean reported back from the hospital that his Dad was in high spirits because he is as good as a doctor. Turns out he diagnosed himself correctly. He just arrived home last night after having a stint put in. *sigh*

What has that meant for Casa Dragonfly? It meant Mr. Clean stayed home and worked on my laptop when I'm wasn't working on it. It meant Mr. Clean watched TV, made noise, and was a general nuisance to my normal quiet. Really, it wasn't TOO bad since he spent most of the time down at his Mom's, making sure she was getting her meds and insulin at the proper times and in the proper amounts. Still... I didn't get much work done AND because I ended up working late into the evenings, I didn't get any further writing done.

But did you see the counter? Yee Haw! I managed all that on Sunday.

Hmmm, what else?

I have GREEN things! Real, live green things. I'm afraid if I say that too loudly, they'll all turn withered and wilty and dead looking.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all these green things, I did manage to commit some form of plant murder already. My cherry tomato plants SHOT up so fast and tall and skinny... they just couldn't hold themselves upright. I tried giving them a little toothpick to hold on to but I was too late. We had a late-evening funeral held over the trash can. Too bad they couldn't have been as son-of-a-gun-stubborn as my FIL.

I've replanted seeds for them, with toothpicks sneakily stuck in already. I hope it works because I don't have many of those seeds left. Just the other night, I planted a few more seeds I finally received from Burpee - more tomatoes. I'm watching them closely, toothpicks close at hand. Umm, you green people out there -- will that even work??

I'll post pics of my little green things later. Right now, I'm too lazy to get the camera and upload and all that. Speaking of lazy --- I still don't have the garden tilled up. Heh. I really need to get on that. Soon. Or I'll have a lot of little green dead things.

Well, that's about it. Sunday I think I'll talk about this family cruise; I have lots to say about it. Right now, I'm just pooped. And hungry. And I want to watch American Idol. (and as I'm typing, I hear the little spawnling in the background coughing... not good - I hope it's not the curse of Germ Voodoo)

Y'all have a great week!
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  1. katkin Says:

    I've never tried to grow tomatoes from seed, so I'm not sure, but try pinching them back once they get at least 4 leaves growing. It works with other plants to make them bushier. And try getting the small tomato plants when they go up for sale at the store greenhouses. Pick shorter plants with thicker stalks, not spindley, sprawl all over everywhere ones.
    PS hope the FIL is better now!!