I totally meant to get here on Sunday but I got distracted. You'll see why in just a moment. And tomorrow? It's not going to happen. Tomorrow is Doodlebug's birthday. He's going to be TEN!! A decade old! *sigh* For some reason, this year's birthdays are being especially difficult on me. I'm not even going to begin talking about mine. Ugh.

So. You're going to get me today and then maybe on Sunday (depending on how the writing is going).

I keep teasing you all with this whole "cruise" thing and then I don't follow through. Well, today, I'm telling you about it. See, it seems my grandfather is the one who wanted the whole family to go on a cruise instead of our normal
lake house convention we have every July. For the past week or so, the emails have been flying back and forth to discuss the when and where and how we're going to pull this one off.

Imagine this: 30+ people trying to decide on a date. And then a particular cruise. After someone says, "Unless you want to do a beach house or two?" Chaos. Utter chaos. And confusion!!!

First, my step-mom sends out prices, to which I reply: "We can afford that one." Then, one of my cousins sends out an email where HE'S broken down all the prices too... except they are more. MUCH more. At that point my head popped off and I called my step-mom to say, "WTF?! I thought it was only going to be $1900 for the four of us and cousin E is saying $2700!!!" After much calming, it was revealed that SHE can obviously get better prices than HE can and Yes, hers DO include the airfare needed (because you know, the cruises leaving out of Galveston - a lowly 2 hour drive from me - are UBER expensive compared to the ones leaving Miami where I'll have to get two kids and a husband on a plane. Go figure).

So... it seems to be decided.

Yesterday, my Dad called me:

Daddy: Hi! Have you talked to your sister, GypsyRose? I don't think she's received any of the cruise emails. Her address keeps bouncing back to me.
Me: Hmmm, perhaps you're not using the right email?
Daddy: No. I am using the right email. You should call her and tell her about everything that's been decided.
Me: I should call her?
Daddy (ignoring my question): Also, you should tell her our email address has changed.
Me: *sigh* Fine. I'll call her.

Me: Hey, sis! Have you gotten any of the cruise emails?
GypsyRose: No! BabySis mentioned it the other day but I haven't seen anything.
Me: Daddy says your email is bouncing.
GypsyRose: What address is he using?
Me: The wrong one. I looked and he's using the old one.
GypsyRose: The one I changed like TWO YEARS ago?
Me: Yep... that one.
GypsyRose: Can you forward everything?
Me: Already done.
GypsyRose: Ok. Thanks!
Me: Sister... I'm only going to say this One. Last. Time... Daddy needs to learn how to call you instead of me. You need to actually PICK UP THE PHONE when he calls. I am not y'all's secretary!!!
GypsyRose: Blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse blah blah
Me: *sigh*

Seriously? I have been relaying messages between these two for like five YEARS now! It's so annoying and yet if I *don't* do it.... I'll hear all about how she doesn't get any of the news about anything and how he never knows what she's up to. It's damn tiring.

So. The cruise. It sounds like it'll be loads of fun. I mean what could possibly go wrong with an entire crew of my family on a floating palace, reveling in our obnoxiously boisterous personalities???

I have nothing to wear. Just what DO you wear on a cruise anyhow??

I'm a little freaked out because every time you hear about a cruise, it's something about how everyone has gotten SICK.

I'm really excited because, hello!! Family! Cruise! On a giant boat where they can't kick us out for being too loud!!

In other news....

Saturday, I talked Mr. Clean into going up to Lowe's with me to buy a bunch of planters so I could get my herbs, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers out. On the way there, he mentioned having seen "something very interesting" and wanted to show me. Warning bells went off in my head because when Mr. Clean finds something "interesting" it usually involves an expenditure of money in an impulsive fashion. Considering we are BOTH seriously deranged impulse buyers... this is dangerous.

So, of course, I agreed to go see what he was talking about!!

We got there and I Ooh'd and Ahh'd and melted into a little puddle of goo. Then, I chose the high road and argued with myself over the pros and cons. I lost. We jumped back into the truck, headed down the road to the bank, grabbed cash, and headed right back over to where I sat ooh'ing and ahh'ing and melting in puddles of goo for a bit longer. Finally, I handed over the cash.

This is what I came home with:
His name is Chocolate Mousse -- or Moose -- for short. He's an early birthday present for Shaggy, who will be turning 16 in just a couple of weeks. Sunday, I had the dear experience of trying to plant seedlings into pots while he ran around stealing everything. And I'm resident puppy babysitter during the day. Thus... by the time I'm free to blog... I am EXHAUSTED!
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3 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    Awwwww! How cute! Oh and the puppy is cute too... *grin*

  2. Dancinfairy Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful puppy. I am very jealous!

    Wow, the cruise? Strange coincidence...I have found the holiday that I want for my honeymoon and it is 3 days in NY, 1 in Miami, then a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise.

  3. Deb R Says:

    Hiya gorgeous! I just gave you an award. Check out my blog to see why. :-)

    PS...which ship y'all going on??