I mentioned in one of my last blog posts that I had finally received a little spark of creativity, urging me away from the Bubble Shooter and back to the written page. Yeah, that didn't work out like I thought it would. Between logging off and picking up a pen, the spark was snuffed out like a bad mobster and I got a big fat "Neener Neener Nyah Nyah... Psych!" moment instead. Fun stuff, writing. Let me tell ya.

Last night, though... last night, I did get some very interesting - albeit disturbing and somewhat frustrating - inspiration. Trust me, you take inspiration where you can get it... even if you're not really in the mood for it. So I was trying to go to sleep. You know, at 2:30am. (In other words... I'd played Chain Factor on the computer until I began to get dizzy from exhaustion and then fell into bed. Don't ask... I have no answers for you. If I did, I wouldn't do these sorts of things to myself.)

I was j-u-s-t about there, in that little sweet spot where your brain starts to go numb and the voices recede to their little caves, when BAM! Zoe - my MC - started right up in my ear. It wasn't whispering, oh no. She was most definitely using her outside voice and thoroughly relishing the fact that she was keeping me awake. She didn't even say "Hello," she just started in on how I didn't have her voice right (umm, knew that. thanks!) and how her characterization was supremely flawed.

She's all... You're making me too weak! I'd never act like you're writing me and that one scene with Tristan? Please! No way would I have said all that stuff; I'd have Died first.
Me: Oh good dog, stop your blathering. Please! Just let me go to sleep and I promise you, I'll change everything to the way you want. Tomorrow.
Her (stomping her size 7 foot): You also have my 'rental units all wrong AND you have the beginning wrong AND..."
Me: Please. Let. Me. Slee.... Wait. What?! What's wrong with the beginning?
Her: Heh. Exactly. All wrong, sweet cheeks. Really? I think the whole thing should start with most of that in the past. And...

And then she continued for the next hour or so with little tidbits of insight. Insight I am certainly thankful for but insight that really, really screws with the first 20k words I've written. Damn it. I have no idea how to work in all these changes and I'm determined not to start over. So now I can either go back and start slashing & burning or just keep writing forward. My vote is - obviously - for writing forward except that doesn't really work because I have to then change all of her previous conversations... unless I relegate them to background stuff and redo them later. ????? Dear me... I feel sort of screwed and yet very excited (which usually means: I'm screwed).

So there's that. Fun. Fun. Can you feel my giggles? Really, though... better to find out at twenty-some-odd thousand words as opposed to fifty thousand. Always a silver lining. Not the silver lining? The fact that my mild-mannered teenaged main character is started to take on the qualities of a seriously miffed Tinkerbell... with long, dark hair. *sigh*

Book aside, I am now happy to report I am no longer totally freaked out by my front door at night (and really, when you have fictional characters screaming in your ear, what's a silly front door?). I still have a slight thumpity-thump in my heart when I approach it but I do actually check it myself before bedtime (except after watching Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State - then I don't even go near the door).

Unfortunately, in the wake of my front door recovery, I have become completed wigged out by my back door - or more specifically, my utility room where the back door is located. The utility room has one door connecting it to the kitchen and one door to the back porch. In between, on the left, are my washer and dryer. On the right, a deep alcove, the front of which where we hang clothes, the back of which a large shelving unit resides, holding old shoes and whatnot.

I've become convinced there is someone hiding between the two and is going to jump out at me when I reach past to check the door. Yes folks, I am now totally scared - in that heart-wrenching Bloody Mary way - of the utility room bogeyman.

Mr. Clean finds this new fear Highly Amusing. As a matter of fact, he hasn't had this much fun teasing me since he first learned that I cannot sleep AT ALL if the closet door is open. I have warned him that the MINUTE he thinks it'll be funny to jump out at me from behind the clothes in the utility room alcove... that's the last minute he'll remember on Earth. Hopefully, when he considers doing so anyhow (he will), he'll recall the revenge I took the last time he leaped out at me from the dark. I am good at the jumping-out-Boo! revenge. Very, very good.

And now I spin 180 degrees to give you the Funny of the Week!

Around here, we must routinely alert our boy-spawn that their barn doors (zippers) are open. Boys. I tell ya, you'd think they would realize things like that on their own. Now, normally, the exchange goes something like this --

Me: Hey, Doodlebug; your barn door is open.
Doodlebug (zipping up): Oh. Haha. Don't want to let the cows escape!

Yesterday's conversation?
Me: Hey, Doodlebug; your barn door is open. You don't want the cows to escape.
Him: Mommmm! They're not cows anymore, they're ZOO ANIMALS.
Me: You have monkeys? In your drawers??
Him: Yeah, sometimes. And you should see them party!

And then Mr. Clean and I peed ourselves laughing.

I'll leave you on that note. Once I get this whole writing thing figured out, it's my goal to attempt some sort of blogging schedule. I know it has to be a complete pain to come here and find nothing new. Sorry! I get busy. I forget. I am a scatterbrained wretch when it comes to blogging systematically. I'm thinking perhaps Wednesday and Sunday nights for the moment. What do you think?

And with that in mind: On board this Sunday, it's recipe time! Mushroom Ravioli!
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2 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    Doodlebug sounds like such a hoot! And Zoe has definative ideas about how her story will go and she sound quite stubborn about it too. I'll be watching for the ravioli recipe! *drool*

  2. Beeswax, Says:

    you are a healthy dose of medicine for me....doodlebugs ,front doors and all things 'BOO'!!!....
    Teenagers , honestly!! I get told from my 3 that I am wrong in everthing I have said or done re them, if it's true or not, like you the odd brain cell goes a missing for a while and I am at he mercy of my kids and hubby to remind me where it is , so know whwere you are on that one..
    As for non sleeping, well that explains it!..me too, gawd knows how we can function with 2 o 3 hours sleep, and for me that is filled with a pneumatic drill and hurdle jumper beside me,hubyy snores and jumps all night.. so next to impossible!!!
    I think it's all a ploy for us mothers, that way they all seem to know better and forget when they owe us that 20 pounds they borrowed to go out with, "gave you that back last week mum"....aye right, I don't think so!!!
    anyway what am I doing here?, I am supposed to be painting! your fault enjoyed your posts so much as usual just had to get my bit in...
    as for laptops, this is my daughters and the keys are all wrong !!!and I have been warned not to download anything at all, so what do I do!! yeah, 300 photos of landscape and wedding venues..he he, naughty me, I am using up all her memory!!! ,she said, yeah well!!mine was used up a long time ago without even as much as a thanks mum we know you love us so much that your brain has frazzled to a pulp....so now it's get back time, I am away to download some games and pc themes and loads of stuff, just for the heck of it.....the good thing is I can always say I don't remeber cause invariably I never do anyway..lol

    loads of hugs to you, thanks for your comment, speak back soon,xx
    sorry if that all does not make sence, tried to hard to get tomany words and emotions into one coment..lol