One moment of blatant whining and then I'll get on to the good stuff: I love my book. I love my book. I love my book. I don't hate my main character. That being said... I am probably going to have to slash and burn almost everything I've already written and it's my own damn fault.

When I was plotting and outlining, I had two major scenes in the beginning that I really liked. Somewhere along the way, I thought: "Oh, this isn't going to work at all." And then I replaced them with one new and different scene. Yesterday, while conversing with my main character, I realized I was heading back to those two original scenes (though slightly changed). I really like those scenes. I am going to have to go back to using those scenes (now permanently gone because I used the big bad delete button). Of course, by using them, everything else I've written is C-R-A-P.

This is the part of writing that makes you want to scream. All those hand-cramps... for naught. Aaarrrggghhhh!

I'm still working on particulars but it's looking good and I'm feeling better about it. The change also relegates much of my plotting & outlining as redundant and no longer needed so I'll be flying a bit blind. I'm starting to think I really am a pantser (not a plotter) and need to embrace it instead of fighting it. Lord love a control freak, right?

Ok, whining over. I just had to get that out somewhere. *grin*

We have ourselves some Mushroom Ravioli to make today. Yum! I've had a bit of a problem with this recipe because I made it for 17+ people and failed to count how many little ravioli I actually made. Therefore, I'm now forced to guesstimate my fractions. Heh. Fractions and me? Don't mix. Don't worry, though. I do almost all of my cooking without a recipe so if you've used previous recipes I've posted with no issues... you won't have an issue today, either.

Mushroom Ravioli
Serves 4-6 (most likely)

You'll need:
1-2 pkgs Won-Ton or Eggroll Wrappers*
2-3T. Butter
1 Shallot, finely chopped
1 Garlic clove, minced (or 1 tsp. minced garlic)
1 - 1 1/2 cups chopped mushrooms**
1 tsp. basil
1 tsp. oregano
White wine***
1/4 c. Ricotta cheese
1/2 c. shredded mixed Italian cheese
kosher salt & pepper, to taste

* I don't know how many are in a pkg as I never could Find Them! I would say 1 pkg for fold-over triangles, 2 if you're going to use more filling and top with another wrapper.
** I used Baby Bellas, but Portobello or even White button mushrooms will work fine. Also? This is a wild guess on the amount. I used 3 containers of the Baby Bellas and I'm thinking one container (which is all you'll need) should fill a bit more than 1 cup once chopped. It might be as much as 2 cups. Just chop a container's worth of mushrooms. It's all good.
*** I always keep a 4-pk of single serving wine in my kitchen for cooking. It makes it very easy to grab and go, without having to open a new bottle of wine all the time. Lately, I've been going back again and again to the Alice White, an Australian Chardonnay. It cooks down and leaves a really nice flavor behind, without being too winey tasting. Feel free to use any Chardonnay or white wine you have around, though.

Melt butter in a saute pan (or skillet, or whatever you have) on med-high. Add shallots and garlic, sauteing just until golden brown. Do not burn your garlic! Add chopped mushrooms, giving a stir to bring that garlic up on top. Now - this is the hard part: Leave it alone to caramelize. Do not stir it. Do not poke it. (I have problems with this) Let it cook down until "dry" and you no longer see liquids. Give it a quick stir now and add basil, oregano, plus a pinch of kosher salt and a couple turns of the pepper grinder. Give it another quick stir. Then add a little white wine, just enough to deglaze the pan - about 1/4 cup - and cook until liquid is evaporated. Transfer to a bowl and let cool. Once cooled, add ricotta and Italian cheeses, stirring to mix well.

**Note: I used 3 times this recipe so I also incorporated an egg just to be sure my filling stayed together. Since I can't split an egg into thirds, I left it out here. I don't think it'll make a difference. If you want to add a small/medium egg... go for it. If not, don't. I would recommend 1 large egg if you double or triple the recipe, though.

Place 1 tsp. or so filling in the middle of each wrapper and - after wetting the edges on one side - fold over and seal (making a triangle). OR use 1 T. filling and - after wetting all of the edges - top with another wrapper and seal. Your choice but make sure, either way, that you get all of the air out around your filling. This will keep your ravioli from bursting while cooking.

**Please note that whether you're using fresh pasta like I did, or wonton wrappers, keep a damp paper towel over the pasta/wrappers while working, to keep them from drying out. Once filled, just set aside on a plate or sheet pan.

If boiling your ravioli, add a few at a time to boiling, salted water and cook for about 4 minutes. If frying, like I did, place them in 350 degree oil (Safflower works well) and cook about 2-3 minutes, just until golden.

These go really well either dipped in marinara and/or alfredo sauce (fried), or topped with alfredo sauce (boiled), or you can go with a simple browned butter sauce (which you can find on Food Network's website... I saw Sandra Lee do one of Mario Batali's browned butter sauces the other day. Very simple and it looked good).

Enjoy! (and let me know how they turn out for you)

As always, with my cooking, if you want a little more of something or a little less... Go For It! Almost all of my cooking consists of me opening my seasoning cabinet and saying, "Hmmm.. yeah, a little of that perhaps... or maybe some of this? Sure, why not!" I have no rules.
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    Thanks for the recipe! I'll let you know how it turns out.