So I almost forgot my pact to blog on Wednesday nights... yikes!

The thing is, I've really got nothing. Or at least nothing of great importance or interest. Life at Casa Dragonfly is steadily moving forward; the usual. Things I did today:

1) Had a virus scare on my work laptop. I still have no clue what happened but it seems to be fine?

2) Received a parent signature request from the high school, in order to possibly drug test Shaggy for steroids. Texas has recently implemented a very strict policy within the UIL. I'm totally for this testing; I think it's great. However, there's a little piece on there stating that some protein powders could create a false positive. Shaggy just started on a protein powder this week. Thus began a mad scramble online to find out the odds of the one he's using coming up as positive on a steroid test (which he may or may not have to take, as it is random testing). *sigh*

After basically wasting many, many hours online, I learned one thing: Some protein powders certainly DO create a false positive, but no one will tell you WHICH ones are guilty. Gah!!!! Mr. Clean came home and called the company making the one Shaggy takes. They reported back that the one he's using will not have any ill effects on any testing. Basically, it's like he's eating a a few more meals a day.

Why, you might ask, is he taking this stuff anyhow? Well, that would be because he's working out (very hard) three days a week at school, three nights a week at a baseball conditioning program, plus daily batting practice, and a once weekly batting session with a coach. In other words, he eats and eats and eats (and EATS) but has like ZERO percent body fat. At 5'9" and 110 lbs, he really needs to bulk up a little in order to handle this type of activity -- and no one can eat that many extra chicken breasts or tuna for an extended period of time. Plus, the shakes are much better than trying to scarf down those nasty protein bars. Blech!

3) I don't think I even have a #3 tonight.... so sad.

Yesterday, I wrote a couple of new pages on my ms, basically starting over. I don't like them; they're all exposition and info-dumping, with absolutely no dialogue... BUT... I have a little more insight into my main character. And that's good. Also? I typed the pages, as opposed to writing them long-hand. Still not sure how I feel about that... as I spent more time than I'd like going back to re-read and --- da da da DUM --- edit. The most dangerous thing in typing a book is the Backspace key. I need to REMOVE it from my keyboard. If only. I meant to put in a little more time on it today but #1 and #2 up there kinda threw me off my game today. That and the fact that I didn't finish work until almost 8pm (which may or may not have had something to do with my failing to turn on the Scary Alarm Clock).

Oh, that's right -- y'all don't KNOW about the Scary Alarm Clock! Heh.

I have alarm clock issues. BIG BIG alarm clock issues; the main one being that after the first or second time it goes off... I no longer HEAR their noise. Over the course of 2007, I went through three alarm clocks. They are all lounging in a corner of my room now, waiting for new homes. Perfectly good alarm clocks but they did NOTHING for me. In other words, I simply don't wake up to them.

Finally, I broke down and bought one of those old-timey alarm clocks. You know, the metal ones with the giant bells on top that sound like a firehouse alarm?? SCARY. The first time it went off, I fell out of the bed it freaked me out so badly. But I was UP and that's what counts. The twentieth time it went off, I fell out of bed. But umm, when I don't turn it on... yeah, it does nothing for me. I didn't even remotely hear my cell phone alarm (which plays Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz), or the two calls from Wahoo. Oops. What can I say... I sleep like the dead. It was, however, some damn good sleep!

And that reminds me --- I should probably go get some of that sleep now. See y'all soon!
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2 Responses
  1. Bubbles Says:

    Look this up "Clocky"... how cool is that?

  2. dragonfly Says:

    That would be the all-fire, absolute, surest and quickest way to send me to the FUNNY FARM. OMG, it drove me nuts just watching the little video about it!! I'd kill it before it had a chance to go off twice... hahaha.