Okay... so it's not really on fire. Yet. But my kitchen is packed to the gills, every available counter space littered with the results of yesterday's grocery trip and my refrigerator door is a mere centimeter away from continually popping open, so packed are its shelves.

I think I have everything. I'd better, because I have no. more. space.

I just called BabySis and told her to get her butt out of bed and get here already - but only after she's gone to the store and found me some vanilla rim sugar for my martini glasses. I could not find any yesterday!

Mr. Clean is about to be dumped unceremoniously off the couch - where he is currently napping - because, although I just said I thought I had everything? I also just remembered two more things I need. Gah! I'll feel really bad about this for about two seconds - recalling the amazing cleaning spree he went on yesterday in the house - but then, I really do need these items and I'm not leaving the house today. And he's not going to argue because....

Folks, I'm trying not to stress but my guys are watching me like I'm a time bomb about to explode. This is because they saw me break out the spreadsheets yesterday. When I start feeling like I'm in over my head, I create spreadsheets for things. I made one last week but managed to keep it a secret until yesterday. It has one column (easily printable) for "Grocery Day!" - Check. The second column reads: "Prep Day!" and includes things like making meatballs a day ahead, attempting my first try at homemade pasta, chopping up bread for bread pudding, etc. The third column reads: "Cooking Day!" It should probably read: "The Day My Head Pops Off Like A Cork!" Hahahaha... No, really.

I think it's all under control. It has to be. I need my head.

So. Now I'm off to kick Shaggy out of his warm bed as well; he can start helping me while we wait for his Auntie to get here. I think he's going to be Thrilled! If I hear one complaint, I will have to remind him that just two days ago I finally allowed him to go to the movies unsupervised, riding there with a friend even.

It is highly, HIGHLY doubtful I'll make it back here before the day after Christmas so to every special person who deigns to read my ramblings:

Have a Very, Very Merry Christmas!!
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  1. katkin Says:

    And a very merry one to you too!!