I have so much going on (or not going on) this week, I can't even begin to make my brain settle on a singular subject to post about... so I'm going to throw out a random smorgasbord of stuff:

1) Annual Family Reunion:
I had SUCH a blast this weekend with my family, as we do every year during this reunion. It was a bit hot and muggy, but what can you expect in July? As usual, we played a rousing rough and tumble game of Spoons, in which we resemble rugby players lunging at each other across our huge family dining table. A new twist this year was the sheer amount of spoons flying through the air from the gusto with which we all play. Good dog, there were some flying spoons. I think next year, someone needs to pack a First Aid kit. Just in case.

After Spoons and some other games, we did something new. We turned out all the lights and crammed ourselves (15 of us) into the living room - in chairs, on the couch, and spread out on the floor. And then we had round-robin campfire style story-telling in the dark. I'll say one thing - My family has an ENORMOUS collective imagination. We had goblins trekking through mud bogs full of blue mists by full moons, then getting naked and using magical feather trees to turn themselves into humans, backpacking trolls, dragons with dragonets hanging off their teats, square-rigged ships going to far away lands.... oh lordy, it was a MESS of story-telling. And fun!

Then there was the food. *groan* I'm still full from Saturday's meal. One of the Aunts suggested a German food theme as a nod to my late grandmother and we all agreed. Thus we ate a smorgasbord of beer/onion marinated grilled brats with hot mustard, an assortment of sausages, warm German potato salad, Cucumber salad, two different kinds of sauerkraut, a cabbage dish, a tossed salad, blackberry cobbler, German chocolate cake, Spitzbuben (I'm spelling it phonetically so it's probably wrong but I'm too lazy to look it up) cookies, and something I know I'm forgetting. The kitchen counter creaked and groaned under the sheer weight of all that food. And it was GOOD.

I have no idea how we're going to top that next year - except that next year it's been proposed we take a family cruise together instead of going to the lake house. Imagine it -- my crazy, loud, rambunctious, seems-like-we're-on-a-mess-of-happy-drugs family TOGETHER on a cruise ship. I suspect we'll have all eyes.... and all of them wondering what the party is about (and wanting to join in, no doubt). Doesn't that sound great?

Moving on...

2) I am moody, now. I got up Monday to reluctantly start work and found my phone line has reached a new low in quality. I was able to get connected (dial-up) to work at a paltry 19.8. 19.8!! Halfway through the day, Mr. Clean came home - witnessed me completely losing my shit - and promptly carted me off to the nearest Sprint store to get a wireless connection for my laptop. Of course, since we have a business account (I don't know how), we got it an extra $50 cheaper if we'd let them overnight it to us. I had no problem with that as I was done, done, done even thinking about trying to work. Of course, I came back home and went back to it, because... well, I have to. All in all, a smidge of silver-lining, yes?

Hahahahaha, No. This morning, my phone line raspberried me, neener-neenered, and then farted through the handset and laughed maniacally. My connection today? 4.8!! Oh yes, you read that right. In other words, I didn't connect. My wireless has just arrived but until it's installed and working, I'm settled into being Grumpy and Moody and giving off an overall aura of Don't Touch Me or Talk To Me.

3) As another small sliver of silver in my lining, I finished HP7 last night and I want so badly to talk about it but I'm trying to wait for everyone else to read it. So all I will say for now: Wow. And I am REALLY going to miss this series.

Okay, since the Moody has overtaken my body and I am not yet fit for anything that doesn't include a scrap of Moody, I'm going to hold off on posting the Poppy Seed Lemon Drop cupcakes. I have to make some (since I bought everything for family reunion weekend but didn't get them made as I had an almost failure with the German chocolate ones and then ran out of time) so I'll wait until I have pictures. I plan on getting them done this week or this weekend, though - more likely this weekend since my Mom's birthday is on Saturday and I think she might like some. It WILL get posted. Soon! I promise!
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