Look who's here twice in a week! I know; it's freaky.

The other day, I'd written a few notes down, reminders of what to blog about later. I figure since I ditched work earlier than usual tonight, I'd sit down and get rid of at least one sticky note. The other twenty thousand three hundred and fifty three will have to hang out a bit longer. Heh.

MySpace - My little MySpace friend? Ehhh... I needn't have worried about that. She's really no more than a picture on my friends page, it seems. I tried. *shrug* When it starts to resemble "work" to me, it stops being worth my time. I have enough work I don't get paid enough to do, much less add a bunch more for free.

I did, however, catch up with an old friend from high school and it's been interesting. The more people I talk to from HS, the more I start to believe I was either excessively more scatterbrained than I am now or I was perpetually drunk. We talk and he brings up this time or that time, asking if I remember. Ummm, as a matter of fact, No, I don't remember skinny dipping in so-and-so's pool when skipping school that day. I remember the skipping school part. I remember the pool part. I do NOT remember the I-lost-my-clothes-on-purpose part. And really? I don't think I did. Perhaps wishful remembering on his part?

Not to say I never skinny-dipped. I did. I was reckless and rebellious that way. But I was more of a midnight-in-the-dark skinny-dipper rather than a 2-in-the-afternoon-where-the-sun-will-highlight-every-ounce type. So, not overly reckless or rebellious, in fact. Skinny-dipping to me was something darkly romantic you did with someone you wouldn't mind doing many other things with, if you catch my drift. I can't for the life of me figure out why I'd ever take my clothes off in front of people I was not romantically involved with. Ummm, NO. Didn't happen. (and if you know me from back-when and you're reading this, please refrain from mentioning any incidents where bare-chested flashing was involved. I'm not counting that!)

So, there's that... a host of memories I don't remember, some of which concern me.

The only other thing going on here lately is a reoccurring dream, which I'm absolutely sure is a sign from somewhere. Now, if I could just get Mr. Clean to climb aboard the dream-decision-train. For the last two weeks, I keep having this Very Weird Dream that I am riding a stationary bike. I am not just "riding" it, I'm pumping away at the pedals like I'm twelve again and I'm laughing and giggling while music is playing in the background. I told you it was weird.

I'm also positive it is a sign that I need to sell my treadmill and buy a stationary bike.

When I told Mr. Clean about the dream, he stared at me. Then, he closed one eye and stared through the other - as though I might morph in front of him or something - and said, "Uh huh." That's his way of telling me I'm bat-shit crazy without having to actually Say It.

But I'm Not crazy. I am just convinced I need a stationary bike. Because it will make me Happy. And giggly. And feel like I'm twelve again, while I ride and listen to my iPod. Perhaps I can even set a dish of sour apple double-bubble gum nearby. Then, when I am halfway through riding, I can indulge in my twelve-year-old memories and feel like I've ridden to the convenience store. I'll even blow sour apple bubbles while I imagine riding all the way back home. It was loads of fun back-when.

Of course there were always a few of us riding together but I can call Wahoo on the phone and pretend. While I lose half of my enormous butt in the process. It's a Win-Win in my book. I wonder if they make sugar free sour apple double-bubble gum now?

Well, this will probably be the last post until next week. Friday, I have to make cupcakes for our family reunion and we'll be driving up to our family lake house that night, where I'll be spending the entire weekend high on laughter. Hopefully there will be pictures. Sometimes we get so busy giggling, we forget to take them. Also, when I get back, I'll post some cupcake pics and recipes - probably for the Poppy Seed Lemon Drop cupcakes. Hope you all have a great weekend!
3 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    The vision of you riding a stationary bike like that is such a wonderful one!

    I wanted to see how you were getting on with HP7 :o)

    I have already read it as our house flooded on Friday due to heavy rain and overflowing drains so all I could do yesterday was sit on the bed and wait for various parts of downstairs to dry out.

    Anyway, I loved it!

  2. katkin Says:

    Dancinfairy, I'm so sorry about the flood! Everyone has gotten sooo much rain this year....

    Dragonfly, my bike used to be one of my favorite things as a girl. Now........well let's just say that those seats aren't as comfortable as they once were. :)

  3. dragonfly Says:

    DFairy - OMG.. we were watching the news while up at our lake house with family and saw the flood, and I thought of you - wondering if it had possibly affected your NEW house. That stinks!! Hope you get it cleaned up okay.

    Katkin - That's my one concern - the comfort of my hiney. LOL I'm shopping for one with a big comfortable seat. *grin*