Greetings from Waterworld! Or near enough. One more day of heavy rain and we're probably going to be an island here at Chez Dragonfly. Luckily we don't flood but every outlet around us does... so we could drive a mile in any direction but not get anywhere at all. Heh. Fun. If the forecasts are correct, we might just ice skate our way out!

Yesterday, knowing that this weather was on its way, we went out to get all of the necessities taken care of. Important stuff like taking Shaggy to the mall so he could redeem his various Abercrombie gift cards from Christmas. Man, do I love shopping with Shaggy. Every single cool item I held up was met with well-honed teenager sneers varying from indifference to disgust. To say the least, I found myself window-shopping after about five minutes. It really irritates me, the way he does that. What's worse is that after I left... he ended up buying the things I'd held up. You know, all those things he "wouldn't be caught dead in." Booger.

After that, I finally traded in my old cell phone - one that if set on a counter too hard would literally fall to pieces (3 of them) - on a new one. Poor cell phone guy. He kept asking if I wanted picture capability, or web, or etc..etc..etc.. and I kept telling him, "I want one I can answer calls on and make calls on. Nothing else." Cute phone and all that much cuter because it was FREE.

Of course what self-respecting woman would "buy" a new cell phone and then not go get a new purse to go with it? Heh. Dropped by Fossil while at the mall to look. I've been searching for a new purse - or really a stylish bag that can handle my wallet, keys, etc. and my writing journals, notepad, pens, iPod, etc... but will not break my shoulder - for about a month now. Mr. Clean almost choked on the first one I picked out. It was a gorgeous black leather messenger bag with a price tag of $240.00. I understood his pain (not really, but I pretended) and went with a sale item, a cute canvas/leather messenger bag that was 60% off. He was much better with the $65.00 price tag on that one.

Of course, he had the sales girl rolling when he stated it was not really the price he was concerned with and he'd willingly pay whatever was needed. He was just concerned / convinced that if I got the expensive one, I'd get home and not be able to fit everything I carry around in it. The other one was a little bigger and had an outside pocket for a bottle of water (which I do carry around with me everywhere). He then turned to me and asked, "Just how many bags are you schlepping around these days?" And I was forced to mumble, "Umm, three?" I hate it when he's right.

(I got it home, loaded it up with all my crap and am in love with it. Not something to go to a five-star dinner with but it'll certainly do for my daily running about and hauling myself into work. Except now, I have three cute bags I'm not using. One is destined to be a crochet bag already. One, I haven't a clue; maybe for books on trips or something. The last one can be used as a backpack - extra writing supplies on trips? Who knows? They're lying around my office now in various states of dejection.)

After the mall, we headed out to the grocery store, to stock up the bare pantry and get a new propane tank for the gas BBQ pit (just in case). Mission accomplished and spawnlings completely STUFFED in the backseat with bulging shopping bags and stacks of grocery sacks.... Doodlebug chose that moment to start the, "But I didn't get to spend ANY of MY money," drama. It had already started to drizzle and was getting dark. But I felt his pain. Everyone had had a chance to get something with his or her own "extra funds," except him. So, against my better judgment but with the blessing of my conscience, we quickly headed over to the new Wal-Mart. When we got out, it was full dark and pouring. We'd only been in there for 30 minutes.

We got home to find my horse had decided to stand out in the rain rather than stay dry in her stall. I don't know why this surprises me. She does it all the time. She's scared of thunder and lightning and her stall has a very high ceiling (echoooooo) so she'd rather stand out in the rain. Not good for us. After unloading the truck, we spent another 30 minutes out there towel-drying her so we could get the blanket on (it'd been too warm to blanket before we left). So much fun. Let me tell ya. We then had to towel the pups off as they were displaying the most amazing amount of "look how I shake and shiver, Mom" on the front porch. Yes, they're scared of thunder and lightning too. Big-ass-wussies... all of them.

Writing? I got one sentence done yesterday. I did get about 7 pages done on Friday night, though, and I've updated the word count. I'm about to start working again in a moment. I've been doing a lot on a legal pad rather than typing and it's been working out well. Not as many words per page but not too far off -- 215 handwritten, 250 typed. I can deal with that if it means the creativity coffee shop stays open for business.

If you're in the path of this winter storm, stay warm!
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2 Responses
  1. babysis Says:

    I see the counter's number keep going up... you can do it!
    (just some words of encouragement)
    luv ya!

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Thanks, baby girl. :)