Not too much today. I'm running on 3 hours sleep and am seriously overcaffeinated. Woo hoo... give it up for Starbucks affagato-style frappuccinos. I'm on the fast track to delirium.

I just got home from work and checked my email, as I usually do. Only today, I had FOUR digests from the Fast Draft workshop. Digests. Four of them. Lord, but I'm starting to backpedal on this whole idea. It took me an hour to read them all and then settle back into the "I can do this" frame of mind. Okay, the "I think I might be able to do this" frame of mind. Same thing. Sort of.

70k words in two weeks -- I keep repeating that to myself in the hopes it'll start sounding less crazy. I remember last year's NaNoWriMo and that was 50k in a MONTH. My head hurts. But then I couldn't shut up the editing bunny during NaNo so there's that... ?

Last night, I tried out writing instead of aimlessly wandering the web before bedtime and managed 7 pages. Good stuff. I did not edit and, at first, it was SO difficult but after about an hour I got the hang of leaving words misspelled and names as [X]. This weekend, I'll be working on some plotting. Then I'm going to cross my fingers, say prayers to the cold weather gods (hello my lovelies... nice to finally see y'all!), and dive in. Thankfully Monday (official start) is a holiday from work for me.

Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm. And feel free to chew me out if you don't see an increase in that word count over the next two weeks. *grin*
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