I've been working so hard on the writing, it seems I've forgotten the blogging. Again. I'm easily distracted; what can I say?

The good news is that my little word meter over there (look left) is going up, up, up... somewhat steadily. The bad news is that I committed to 10 pages per day for this Fast Draft workshop and while the weekend went awesome... I got only 6 pages on Tuesday and 3 today. My only excuses are that I had spawnlings home for ice days (both days) and work is kicking my butt.

Sad excuses, really. And I'm a little disappointed at my lack of fortitude this evening. Even after the boys went to bed, I sat up and watched a movie (Munich) instead of writing. Interesting movie, though.

In other news... we have ice. Well, we did this morning. We still have some now but it's more of the falling variety. I just went outside and the woods sound eerie, what with all the cold stuff falling off the trees. My poor horse is just beside herself with the noise of it all. She already believes little green men are out to get from her behind every rock and tree. Hearing them now, but not seeing them, has driven her over the edge.

This morning, we woke up to a 1/2" of ice everywhere. I went to bed last night worried about the horse because she insisted upon standing out in the freezing rain/sleet all day. When I checked on her this morning, everything beneath the blanket was toasty warm. The blanket itself? Frozen almost solid. And she had icicles in her mane and tail. It was quite the sight and I would have gladly taken a picture of it for you, had my spawn not used my batteries for their PlayStation2 controllers (they were dead, dead, dead).

And I have to say it... I've lived in Texas all my life and have seen only a handful of days like this. Most Texans from the SE part of the state would have to say the same. Therefore, it completely boggles my mind why all of them would then go out and try to drive on it! So many accidents. Being someone who admittedly has no clue how to drive in icy conditions, I stayed home where it was nice and warm and watched my spawnlings have fun playing slip-n-slide on the back porch. Mr. Clean did go into work today around noon. He took Shaggy with him. It was a welcome respite from the noise.

No other real news to report on here. The ice is thawing and I need to get my butt in gear on this book. The workshop is interesting. It's pushing some boundaries and I'm learning how to get the bones out. I think I might actually have a chance to type "The End" this time. I'll save the "Woot!" for when that happens.

I expect to get quite a bit more pages done tomorrow (later today, technically) as I won't have any on Saturday. We're having CBoy, his new girlfriend, Wahoo, and her Hot Hubby over for Chicken Tortilla soup, Margaritas, and poker. We'll be vetting the new girlfriend. Heh. That's always fun. Hopefully, she passes muster. I hate it when they don't. *shaking head* (though it would make for some interesting blogging)(and yes, I know that's really evil of me)

I had something else I wanted to tell you... but I've forgotten now. So distracted this week. I'll probably remember after I click 'Publish' -- that's how it usually works.
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4 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    Yeesh. Ice. I hate it! Luckily, where I'm at we missed most the ice. We got the 4" of sleet instead. And 4-6" of snow predicted this weekend. Here's watching your word-o-meter go up and up! :)

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Snow? Snow? You must be a bit north of here. We're just a bit cold.

    Word-o-meter is definitely climbing. Some days I think it's killing me, this pace.

  3. Katkin Says:

    Well, so much for the snow. It sleeted, drizzled and fizzled. And yes I'm quite a bit north of you. In Okla.
    As for the word-o-meter, I admire your fortitude and I have faith....:)

  4. dragonfly Says:

    Thanks, Katkin! Yesterday I needed to get schnockered on fortitude-faith mixers. It worked. *grin*