Contrary to popular belief, I did not get sucked into the margarita blender last Saturday. I did lose over half my poker money, though, to Wahoo & her Hot Hubby (who really needs a better nickname on here). Those pesky friends - the first time they play poker here and they take all my money! This after I fed them 5-star Chicken Tortilla soup. I told them that next time, we are playing a Board. Game.

The real reason I've not posted... I've been so darn busy building an Ark. Yes, an ARK. See, this week we went from this:

to this:

It's hard to see but there's a good 3 inches of standing water and ankle deep mud everywhere. And do you see all that winter grass growing around my roses??? I have no idea how that grass got there. It's mulched! And we didn't seed anywhere near there!

As you can tell... despite the hoochie-smoking weatherman's opinion, we are not enjoying the ELEVEN straight days of rain and I have No Clue about these so-called drought conditions he keeps spouting off about. Drought? Are you kidding me? I just bought a raft on EBay so I can navigate the lake that is my back yard in order to feed the horse. And then I bought the horse floaties so she could make it to the feed bucket. Doesn't she look happy in her pic? And do you see my fence? It used to be straight. Right up until she began sitting back against it. Why, I ask you, why does she insist on doing that? Because she wants OUT to eat all that luscious green grass in the front yard. But I can't let her do that, because then we'll have hordes of ankle-breaking holes everywhere. It's that soft.

The birds are all enjoying the weather, though. Have you ever woken up and looked outside (before coffee) - and then wondered about your sanity because your yard is moving? Yeah. There are so many tiny little birds jostling about between the leaves, the yard has taken on the distinct quality of an acid trip. It's wild.... but maybe not as scary as the gargantuan crows descending upon us. They're bigger than my cat! Even the horse is scared of them. Alas, they are also on their game so no pics (or possibly, I was afraid to go outside while they held their mafia meeting in my yard).

I have also learned over the past couple of days that rain and writing... they don't mix very well for me. Monday, I managed eight more handwritten pages. Tuesday, I reported in with 1/2 a page. Hey, every little bit counts ya know? I'm hoping for a wee scrap more than that today (said while blogging instead).

Other reasons why the weather is disturbing me:
1. After 24 hours of bolstering Shaggy's waning confidence in his baseball skills (he waffles big time these days), they cancelled last night and tonight's training clinics due to the weather. Now I have to start all over again.
2. You can't even imagine the sheer volume of muddy laundry two male spawnlings can produce when it's raining like this.
3. I cannot find my mud boots.
4. My hair might as well have a flashing neon sign that reads: Poodle on Parade.
5. The dogs keep pounding on the front door, insisting it is abuse to leave them outside. I keep telling them I'll let them in once they are dry and this is the response I get:

You try telling these faces "No" and not feel horrible about yourself.
(They are much wetter than they appear to be in this pic. Trust me.)

Good things the rain produces: Chicken Tortilla soup!

(and now I'm hungry so I'll leave it at that)
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6 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    Aaaawwww....just look at those cute little puppy dawg faces! They NEED to come inside. :-)

    That soup looks soooooo good!!

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Aren't they just heartbreaking? Even once inside they're all up in your face with the "you NEVER pet us enough!" We joke that our dogs don't play with balls because WE are the balls.

    That soup ROCKS. I think I finally got it perfected and will stop jacking with the recipe.

  3. Katkin Says:

    Great pics! How in the world can you resist those sweet doggies?

  4. dragonfly Says:

    I can't. And they know it. You should see them when someone says "Cheese." (their preferred treat) Totally irresistible butt wagging.

  5. katkin Says:

    Australian Shepherds and/or mixes?

  6. dragonfly Says:

    They're Miniature Australian Shepherds. Too cute. And at roughly 40 lbs, full-sized. Of course, that means they can BOTH jump on top of you while you're on the couch...