I am dog-tired but couldn't stand the idea of leaving the blog without a post and wanted to get something down before I started writing for a bit. You might excuse any errors though, I'm not quite awake yet.

I know the meter hasn't gone up over the past couple of days but I have been writing my little tail off (well, except for that one night when I fell prisoner to the spell of American Idol). I can't count the words, though, because I've been doing it all on a notepad. I have in the neighborhood of 12 pages to type in this weekend and then produce at least 10-20 more. Yikes!

Right now, though, the priority is COFFEE.

I think I'll get that word count updated sometime this weekend, though. Perhaps even today before I start cooking soup.

Now, totally unrelated.... run over to
ze Frank and watch his 1/18/07 vlog. It's knock your socks off funny, and strange, and wow. Go watch. I love wacky things like that.

And then, if you're a fan of Bufumufu, check out their vid:
Memories. Heck, even if you're not a fan check this one out. Pay close attention to the end. They were very lucky.

That'll keep you busy for a bit (and yours eyes off my word-o-meter).
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