I have just a few minutes today but wanted to give a writing update. I am writing. Ignore that meter there in the sidebar.... or really, it's lack of movement. I haven't input anything I've written this week into the laptop in order to get a word count. I'd estimate it's about 26k at the moment but when I type it all in, that could change +/-. I have 24 pages to type in. Without editing. At all. And that? Doesn't drive me as nut as it usually would. It's sort of a miracle.

It's not been such a tough fight this time around, avoiding the intense desire to edit as I write. I think perhaps Mr. E. Bunny might have hopped a plane to Tahiti or something. He's not been around since last week. But! His absence left a huge gaping hole in my psyche and it's such a nice little place, right in the middle of town, right in all the action... it didn't stay vacant for long.

A new tenant moved in day before yesterday -- Ms. Plot Detour. She's a fan of turning the world around her at least 90 degrees with no prior notice. As soon as she moved in, she redecorated and changed all the furniture about. Then she sat down and started saying... "Hmm, I think you were supposed to make a right turn back there. Ya know? It'd make more sense. It'd be more fun. I think there's a better party down that street."

Mr. Clean came home from work and found me making mud pies for dinner. But, hey, at least I wasn't still scrabbling about the yard screaming, "Mr. Bunny!! Please come home. Please!"

Such is the life of a pantser. I've tried the plotter route, though, and it doesn't matter. Once I get in there... everything seems to take a turn. I've just never encountered one quite so dramatic; one that will most certainly change almost everything I wrote up until day before yesterday. 20k words to be changed/revised to match it. Oh Dear Dog... that's a scary prospect.

So. We will simply not think about that just now. Instead, we will think about going forward, forward, forward... and maybe picking up some roses on the way because there will be No. Stopping.

Have a great weekend, y'all. :)
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