If you happened to notice my little word meter over there going backwards, it wasn't a trick of the mind. I reset it. Hated to. Had to.

Remember Ms. Plot Detour, who came for a visit? She did more than visit.

The other night I had this wonderful dream... right up until the moment when my MC (main character) walked into the picture, thrust her hip to the side, tossed her long dark hair (dark? What happened to that gorgeous red hair she had?) and then stared at her nails before looking up to give me a bit of a stink eye. She took one of those long anguished teenage breaths and said, "Umm, twenty-six thousand words is really great and all but my name isn't Athena. It's Mairyn. And also? You got my story ALL wrong."

I woke up a few minutes later (I had to protest a bit. Have you ever tried arguing with a teenager?!), ran to my computer and typed out a two-page mini synopsis. This at 3 in the morning. Yes, I would like some caramel to go with my nuts. Thanks.

Unfortunately, for all those words I'd already written, maybe two scenes can be salvaged. When I had it all wrong, I had it ALL wrong.

SO. I'm starting anew. Fresh. Blank slate. New page. Zero word count. (Good dog, that hurts to type)

Stay tuned. Watch the little word counter go up and up and up again. Perhaps this time, it'll stick. I'd like to see the words "The End" at some point in my lifetime. Preferably this year.

Tomorrow, I'll try to find some time to check in with a few monkeys out of the barrel - one being the story of my grandpa and his new iPod. *grin*
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3 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    And the plot thickens....er changes. I'm no writer (just a reader of words written) but one must listen to one's inner muse (oh she of the long DARK hair) even if it's 3am. Sounds like this story has a teenage stubborn mind of it's own.

  2. Bubbles Says:

    Papa's Ipod... could that be an oxymoron? lol... If he is ANYTHING like his middle daughter, he is probably trying to use it like a fork... Mom asks "What's an I-P-O-D?"

  3. dragonfly Says:

    Katkin -- Does it ever. And it shows no signs of letting up.

    Bubbles -- Bwahahahahaha. I'm so giving your Mom sh*t about that.