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Investigation – I love investigating things. Really. Research gives me this weird tingly little adrenaline high, especially when I find exactly what I’m looking for. I’m betting this is because I’m a nosy little bugger at heart. The down side is that my family knows this and that I almost always find what I’m looking for, so they call me any time they need information on the strangest stuff – as though I’m the only person in the world who knows how to run the internet. Flip side – it’s nice to be needed (between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm only, please).

Interrogation – if my day job falls apart and I don’t find myself involved in investigative research, Mr. Clean figures I’d be a shoo-in for interrogating people. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not. I do tend to have the insane ability to wheedle things out of people without them ever realizing they’ve divulged. That and the fact that, apparently, I’m…

Intimidating - *snort* Okay. Yeah. Right. I’ve been told this umpteen times and, honestly, I’m tired of hearing it. I’m intense, I’ll give that one credence and maybe somewhat aggressive, and possibly a little exacting… but just because I’m more intense than most does not mean you get to call me intimidating. It’s not my fault you can’t handle me.

Instigate – Yes. I instigate things on a regular basis just to see what happens. Sue me. I like playing Psych 101. I like to see what sets people off, or what doesn’t. I really, really, really like pushing buttons. Shiny buttons! Push. Push. Push.

Imperative – Everything, to me, is imperative. I’m a now, Now, NOW! person. It’s all important. Don’t sweat the small stuff? What small stuff? I don’t see any small stuff. I’m getting better with this little “thing” as I get older. At the current rate, by the time I’m 80, it’ll all finally be small stuff.

Internalize – Even as much as I blast forth with my opinions, ideas, etc… I tend to internalize quite a bit. My best friend has a partner whom I hate? NEVER in a million years would I let on. I keep it inside. Having trust issues (as I often do)? Deep, deep inside, packed down in a safe place. I’m angry with you? Okay, you’ll know that one but probably never just how angry. I’ll only give you a sliver of it. The entirety might scare you (and then you’d run off screaming about how intimidating I am). I flaunt every positive emotion I have like a stripper flaunts her boobs during a lap dance, but I internalize almost all of the negative ones. Later, once they’ve built up to the point of being rocket fuel and I feel spontaneous combustion in my near future, I release them in a somewhat safe, private environment. In other words, I beat the hell out of poor, defenseless trees with an old baseball bat. Fun!

Ice – Is it too much to ask for a little of the cold stuff for winter this year? It’s NOVEMBER for fruitbat’s sake and it’s currently sunny and 76 degrees outside. I’m so annoyed with the Texas weather this year, I’m ready to move to the North Pole and be an elf.

Impaired – Umm, yeah. I’m directionally impaired. But weirdly? I’m also the one who can sit in the middle of an amusement park or something similar and instinctively know exactly where everything is and how to reach it. Just don’t give me a map. Maps screw me up. They’re never right. And all this East-West business? If it’s at night, and I can’t see the sun, how do I know which way is East or West? Go drop yourself in the middle of Manhattan and, without looking at signs, tell me which way is North. I dare you.

Island – All I want for Christmas is my own private island. It doesn’t matter if it’s Caribbean (nice) or freezing cold and desolate in Scotland (there’s one for sale right now!). I just want an island. So I can be islandy.

Italian – Yum! But, I am not a pasta lover. Honestly, beyond my homemade spaghetti, the occasional lasagna, and a rare fettuccine alfredo, I can’t stand pasta. The Italian food I love is the grilled Tuscan kind with lots of veggies and spices.

Ireland – great music, lovely green-green-green vistas, and the accent gives me shivers. I’d love to go someday and spend a few weeks there.

Is – To be or not to be? *snort* Oh, quit asking questions. You are what you are. It is what it IS. There are no questions.

It – Okay, the “IT” commercials drive me nuts. Mainly because my teenage spawnling keeps asking me, every time the commercial is on, “What’s IT supposed to be?” Intelligent kid. Almost all of his classes are Pre-AP or a year ahead of his grade. And he can’t figure out what “IT” is when these commercials come on. This is when we begin to refer to him as “Goldilocks”… for all that gorgeous blonde hair, which is apparently sucking the oxygen from his brain. So, save a Mom. Quit playing those commercials.

Inspired/Inspiration – What inspires me? The land around me, just before a storm, when it seems that Mother Nature gave the color dial a healthy twist and everything stands out in relief against the dark sky; the sound of rain on a metal roof. Dry leaves rustling in a fall breeze. The smell of winter air and the way it infiltrates your entire body with just one breath. The sound of wind chimes when there’s no discernable wind. A smile on someone’s face when they’re reading a book I recognize and I’m almost positive I know exactly which part they’re reading. My spawnlings and their indescribable antics. A hug – the kind that you never want to be the first to step away from. Tears. Heartache. Injustice. Justice. The puzzle of the human psyche. Actions and reactions. And, always, the “What if?”

Impact – Both the most intriguing reason to go after what I want and the biggest fear in getting it.

Indulgence – My indulgences: bath products, music, coffee, books, and sitting on the front porch at two in the morning so I can listen to the deafening silence of the world.
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2 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    Just how much do they charge for a Scottish island?? Got a link?

    I like your idea of a house trade. I could rock some sunny mid-70's weather right now! They're talking snow flurries here this weekend. :-/

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Get ready to drool. It's 2.5 million pounds but seemingly (my word of the week, I think) worth every penny:

    Not quite mid-70's here. More like high 60's (sweet!). Did you have to mention snow flurries? That's just cruel. Seriously. I thought we were friends.

    Light a candle. Send me the snow. I'll take it all.