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Yesterday I made an entire list of G words for today's wordplay... and now, today, as I'm ready to post it... I realize I'm on H. *sigh*

So. To use an F word, I'll just have to come up with these on the fly today. (you thought I was going to say Fruitbat didn't you?)

H is for...

Horse - the first one I thought of as my dear Diva horse is banging her hoof (another one) on her gate just now. She thinks this will make me run outside and release her to the back nine where the grass is Oh So Much Better. She is wrong. I refuse to court to her demands so easily. Plus, she makes an interesting percussionist. Nice beat she's got going out there. The squirrels are probably having an impromptu rave.

Heat, Humidity, and Hair - Yes. These three DO go together well - or not so well, really but for today's exercise.... I can finally announce that Fall is on its way. How do I know? Because, I walked outside and the heat did not fry my skin within moments like a pig on a spit. AND! My hair did not immediately Floof, making me resemble a poodle on show day. These are the signs, folks. When I start having good hair, Fall is on its way (thus the excessive exclamations, because I Am Excited!). I felt so happy I kissed the ground and then I sacrified my spawnlings in the hope of a real winter.

Hint - After delighting in my good hair day, I asked Shaggy for some hints on what he might like for Christmas. (I realize this seems out of line because why would I need to plan presents for someone I'm about to sacrifice to the gods of Winter... wait for it)

Shaggy: Well, I'd really like a car. And NOT one of those Matchbox kind you keep buying me. I know you think you're being funny but you're not.
Me: A car is not an approved Christmas list item.
Shaggy: Then I want snow for Christmas.
Me: I can do that! (and then I gave him to the snow gods)

Hope - I have had a plot idea dealing with "hope" for a long time now, but it refuses to get past the all-in-my-head stage. I know that the theme is hope and the main character's name is Hope and there is some following going on. I have snatches of scenes. It keeps me up late at night.

Hell - The place I think I've gone to when I'm trying to get Hope into action. Also - the greatest representation of Hell I think I've seen yet was in the movie Constantine. That was pretty cool.

Heeuuuk! - the sound you make when yarking.

Harris & Hamilton - as in Charlaine Harris and Laurell K Hamilton, both great writers when it comes to vampires (but at opposite ends of the spectrum for the subject matter).

Homeless - Homeless people break my heart.

Heart - obviously, I'm the owner of a sappy one. I don't consider it to be a fault. Also, Mr. Clean buys me a heart of some sort every now and then for different occasions (Valentine's, anniversary, etc.). Last Valentine's, it was key charm with a heart on the end of it - the "key to his heart." This anniversary, he bought me another heart charm, though it still needs to be engraved with the number 16 (years we've been married). In past years it's been heart pendants. My favorite of those is a little one surrounded in emeralds. Those pretty green gems get me every time.

House - I love, love, love this show. Dr. House hits every "Stray" button I own. I want to hug him and hold him and then do very bad things with him. Mr. Clean is aware of these fantasies. I tell him every time we watch the show: "He's hot. He hits my stray buttons. I'd do him." He retaliates by telling me how hot Kate Beckinsale is. Heh. We're strange and open like that.

Husband - I think mine is the best. We married a year after we met, amidst a lot of people telling us we were too young and that it would never last. Sixteen years, suckers. Sixteen years!

He's my best friend. We tell each other most everything. Our friends usually understand that when we say, "No, I won't tell anyone," we're not including each other. The first thing we do after a conversation like that is tell the other all about it. My BFF, Wahoo, knows that she has to say, "Not even Mr. Clean" or I blab as soon as I've come through the front door.

We're both blunt with our honesty - in other words, when he's being a butt, I tell him so and vice versa. We have lively debates over politics, history, and music. He loves Rush. I Do Not. I love Dave Matthews. He's slowly learning to.

He spoils me, even when I really don't deserve to be spoiled. I've had to learn how to say, "Ohhhh, I really like that thing in the window but Do Not Buy it for me." Otherwise, he'd put us into debt buying every item that ever lit my eyes up. He's impossible to buy Christmas presents for. Every year he claims to want nothing. It irritates the SNOT out of me. But I still love him.

Happy Hour - I do NOT understand why my office insists on having all of their after-hours drink fests on Thursday nights. Are you TRYING to make Fridays a holiday?

Holiday - The prettiest word in the dictionary by the time September rolls around. I can't wait! I can't wait!

Hors d'oeuvre - I can never spell this without looking it up first. It annoys me. My favorite hors d'oeuvres are little spicy-as-hell crab balls with horseradish remoulade.

Hankerchief - My Dad still uses monogrammed hankerchiefs. I love that about him. He got it from his mother, my Mema. I'd like to have one of hers to remember her by... just a little something to put in my hope chest.

Heather - one of my favorite plants. Also, Mr. Clean's favorite name for a girl child. We have two boys and I'm pretty sure we're done.

Okay, that's it. I can't think of any more (until I click on Publish, I'm sure). Y'all have a great week! Oh, and if you want to join Wordplay, just click on the logo - there, on the left.
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  1. Deb R Says:

    I Heart your H-list. :-)

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Hola! I'm happy your heart my H list. *grin*

    I can't believe you're already done with ALL of yours. Course, you blog almost daily whereas... ummm, I suck at being consistent. Heh.