Words Written: None! I have nothing to show for this week.
Song on the iPod: none, yet, but I have a Christmas music earworm that's creeping me out.

All this talk of "none" is certainly enouraging isn't it? I'm hoping to rectify that in just a little bit. I can only handle my silent laptop mocking me for so long. In the meantime, rectify? Is it just me or does that sound decidedly dirty? Or painful. Think I'll push that word back to the recesses of my brain again.

So, as usual, I've been a no-show for a week now. Let's blame it on boredom, okay? I have nothing interesting going on. In the words of Hayley Mills... "... all that working and working... and for what?" (obviously not a direct quote as its been a week since I saw the Parent Trap) Her little beating-a-pillow-and-having-a-fit scene is looking mighty tempting right about now.

I only have a smattering of randomness to offer and then I'm off for a long, hard.... Write-In. If the writing isn't too hard and doesn't last too long, I'll follow it up with a trip to Bath & Body Works to stock up on scented pleasures. And then dinner out at my favorite little Italian place. I could use some orgasmic chicken just now. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch the chef in a good mood.


#1 - Mr. Clean bought me a frozen coffee, Affagato (sic) style, at Starbucks yesterday. I have a sneaking suspicion that, in an attempt to be funny - or possibly due to being overworked students living in an insane bass-ackwards college town where little trains wearing tu-tu's or painted like cows dot the landscape - they laced my coffee with Crack instead of an extra shot Espresso. I know this because an hour later, I actually HEARD myself telling my boss that I'd bake cupcakes for my upcoming annual bitch-fest meetings with ALL of our employees instead of trying to run out to the bakery three times a day. It'll be FUN! (I actually said this) And it'll save money!

There are 204 employees on my meeting list.

#2 - October scares me as much as it thrills me... and it is coming up FAST. Things to look forward to in October? Previously mentioned bitch-fest meetings. In a nutshell, I host a week of piggy-backed hour and a half meetings every October so our employees have a chance to verbalize their discontent. In other words, I spend a week hauling my empathetic ass home in tears because the world is bad and people disappoint me. And then I spend a month trying to summarize it all into five pages of action items, while remaining completely unbiased.

My reward for this charitable contribution of my time and sanity? Texas Renaissance Festival. Hot guys in kilts. Music. Hot guys in kilts. Booze. And did I mention the hot guys in kilts? Thankfully, there are multiple scantily clad women for Mr. Clean to oggle as well.

Except I also set my first draft deadline to October and I still have quite a ways to go.

#3 - I ask you, exactly how many times can you be expected to either watch or listen to someone else watching the movie ELF before you have a raving lunatic breakdown? It was funny the first time, okay? I am penning a letter to the cable companies, asking them to: "PLEASE remove this movie from your network and let people rent it on DVD. If I see it again, I might not be responsible for my actions."

#4 - We've had a recent "pet swap" in our house. Shaggy, having tired of his guinea pig's incessant bleatings of "Feed Me! Feed Me!" and "Play with me! Play with me!" (normally heard after bedtime) gave him to Doodlebug, who is more than happy to comply with the little piggy's demands. The house has been amazingly silent. No more piercing pig whistles drifting down the hallway as he's now getting all the food and attention he could possibly want. The psychotic cat, however, has been spotted silently watching the goings-on. She is most certainly planning something nefarious.

#5 - This weekend, the spawnlings, Mr. Clean, and I are working on a really cool project. It's called Project Lovebomb and you can find out about how it started HERE. I have to take a moment to give Dad Gone Mad a giant shout-out. He ROCKS. The spawnlings are really excited about participating in this project. Our list of items to procure is getting longer each day and they're none too happy about having to break it up into multiple shipments (as I am not RICH enough to be shipping 50lbs! of stuff). So far, we have on our list:
  • Homemade cookies (type as yet unidentified)
  • Granola bars / pop-tarts
  • Kool-Aid and Crystal Light packets
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Candy
  • British snacks
  • Puzzle books
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby powder
  • Phone Cards
  • homemade cards, hopefully signed by their classmates
  • ETC.
  • Shaggy just told me to add: Beef Jerky

Anyhow, this is a good thing. Period. And I think I'll end my randomness on that note.

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