I don't normally delve into things really weighing on my mind here because I tend to get whiney and I find that relatively intolerable. Or, really, I find it makes me relatively intolerable to myself. Heh. BUT. Since at least June, something has been weighing heavily on me.

My best friend of Twenty-Eight Years, Wahoo, who has always lived between five houses down and no more than thirty minutes away... recently remarried and has been in the throes of moving to another state. Granted, a state next door but Another. State. Entirely. I simply cannot explain how badly this move has tweaked my cosmos.

Even so, I promised I would not be selfish and Hope, Hope, Hope something would keep her here because, ultimately, her happiness is the most important thing (and I lurve her new hubby. He is SO good for her). I did not ever say - out loud - "Ohhhhhh, please make her stay!" I wanted to. But I didn't. I did stomp around the house in a snit for a few days after I found out, though. And then I relegated it to the avoidance file in my head.

Last night she called me. At 11pm - emergency hotline time. If she calls between 9pm - 10pm, that's just normal talk time for us. If it's after 11pm, it's one of two things - "I hear a noise and you MUST drive over now to make sure I'm not about to be murdered in my own house" or "I am very upset and need my friend." Yes, I have received both calls. And yes, I did drive over to make sure no one was about to murder her (one of her horses was sick and grunting with colic, making it sound like some horrible beast was about to come eat her entrails while she tried to sleep). And yes, I have driven over during the wee hours to be a shoulder to cry on. Over the years, we have also had a few after-midnight mission impossible outings. To protect the innocent, I will not delve into the details there. Sufficed to say, the phone rang and my first thought was what clothes I could put on quickly...

Me: What is wrong? It's after 11. Do I need to get dressed?
Wahoo (abnormally hyper): I am so tired. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and I am TIRED... did I say that already? But I had to call you.
Me: You sound wired, not tired. What's wrong? Does it require clothing?
Wahoo: I am! I couldn't go to bed until I told you, though. No clothes needed, though.. please tell me you're not naked on the phone?
Me: *snort* I am not naked on the phone.
Wahoo: Okay. You'll never guess what's happened in the last twenty-four hours.
Me: You're not pregnant, right? You promised you weren't having any more and I'm counting on that because if you are, then I have to go get pregnant and I Do Not want Any. More. Babies.

Mr. Clean (the eavesdropper): What's that about having babies?? Who's having a baby?

Me: Oh My God. That man has ears like ladles. The line is not blue, right??
Wahoo: *snort* NO. I am not pregnant.
Me: Okay. Should I be worried, then? What's wrong?
Wahoo: Well, I talked to Hot-Husband last night and well...
Me: What? What is it?
Wahoo: We are not moving.
Me: What? What did he do? Do I need to hurt him? Or is this about Evil Ex? I'd like to hurt him. Can we, please?
Wahoo (laughing): No! We're fine. We're good. It's not about Evil Ex. We're not moving to that other state is all.
Me: So where ARE you moving to?
Wahoo: Well.....
Me (impatient): You're drawing this out on purpose because you know I can't stand it. That is SO mean! If you say you're moving to another country, I will drive over there right now and sit on you until you pee your pants.
Wahoo (more laughing): We are not moving. Hot-Husband is. Here! We're looking for a house out by you.
Me: *screaming*

Mr. Clean: What the hell is wrong?

Me: *giggling* *more girly screaming* *dancing* Wahoo is staying here! Hot-Husband is moving and they're looking for houses by US!

Mr. Clean: Oh dear God. That means I have to replenish the bail money account.

Me (after punching him): Hey, Wahoo? I promise I did not pray out loud for this because that would have been selfish, but I am SO happy because I really really really did Not want you to leave!
Her: I know! But now I have to find a house and I can't sleep. Help me?

So we looked on the web until almost 1am for houses. And I am purple-pink pleased-as-punch happy!!! I'm also scouring the web some more, today, for possible housing for them - her, her two girls, him, his boy and girl, plus horses.

I can't wait to tell Shaggy... but I can't, yet. Her girls don't know so I have to wait until they do. We've been telling him for years now that he has been betrothed to one of her twin girls (telling her daughter the same, as well). It drives them nuts. They became very complacent about the whole thing since she was moving away. Heh. I ought to take a picture of his face when he finds out she'll be living just up the road (out here, 30 minutes IS just up the road).

OMG... and the shopping!! It has been a long time since we have gone shopping together.

I am so beside myself with hyper-yippie!-glee, I have now dumped two cups of coffee all over myself and my desk. I seriously need to calm down. But I can't! Because Wahoo will live nearby for a long, long time more! We are going to grow old together and be little old ladies, all crotchety and full of snark, sitting on a front porch drinking our Coronas and lime while dishing up the dirt and planning more missions impossible. Heh. Good times!
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  1. Deb R Says:

    YAAYY for you and Wahoo!! :-)

    (Wish that had worked for me when my friend Morv moved back to New frickin' ZEALAND!!)