Sorry for the long absence, folks. I've been... you know what? I don't have a clue where I've been this past week. It's the week that fell into the blackest of all holes. It simply disappeared. Huh. Isn't that special?

Ohhh, you know what? I just remembered. We dropped the spawnlings off at an Aunt's house Thursday evening and did not see them again until Sunday. So while I've not been here, blogging, I've been out on one long overdue date with Mr. Clean. That's where I've been. (and to think I forgot that?!)

I blame my memory impairments to the fact that I was hugging porcelain from 4am Monday morning until almost 4pm that afternoon. I don't know what happened!

Pixie - my 2nd sister - came into town with my little niece, Pea, who I have not seen - Ever. So I went over to my Mom's on Sunday where I could Ooh and Ahh over her.

Oh My Dog, she is Too. Adorable. For. Words. Seriously adorable. But she would NOT let me hold her. At least not while she was awake. Pixie blamed it on so many people being around (and being loud) but no matter. I waited patiently until she slept and then held her to my heart's content. And got pictures to boot! Heh. When she's older we are so going to show her that the only pictures Anyone got were while she was sleeping. Stinker.

While awake, she's too cute. Like scrump-tiddly-umptious cupcake cute. I want to eat your toes for snack cute. Really. THAT. CUTE. I'll have to ask Pixie if I can post a pic of her.

Also, while drooling over the cuteness that is Pea, I ate BBQ. And potato salad. And baked beans. And cheesecake tarts. And something in there did NOT like me. At all. I'm still recovering - meaning, I'm drinking Chamomile tea and eating a lovely varied diet of CRACKERS. I have had ZERO coffees since Sunday. I did have a rip-roaring specialty today -- Sprite. Woo hooo, look at me go! Blech. I'm still in amazement at just how many muscles can hurt after a day like yesterday.

Stuff I missed while my head was in places it shouldn't be - Doodlebug's Meet the Teacher night! Mr. Clean and Shaggy went but, still. I feel crappy that I missed it. Because you know, all I need is for Doodlebug's teacher to think his Mom is too busy to come and meet her. Unless Mr. Clean informed her I was too busy yarking up everything I ate in the past week. In that case, I'm sure she was glad I stayed behind.

In other news -- Guess what today was? No. Really. Guess!


Something to be thankful for! Can you feel my excitement? The heady rush of SILENCE in my house? I actually managed to finish work by 5:30pm today. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that is. Really. Like a dream come true.

Of course, now I have a bajillion forms to fill out tonight (same information on all of them, undoubtedly). And school supplies to buy for Shaggy - because, apparently, in High School... you don't get the supply list until the 1st day of school BUT have to have it all bought by the 2nd day!! I'm sure we'll see so many of the other parents at WallyWorld tonight, all wearing the same Where's The Fruitbat faces as us. And then we'll trek over to Academy to find soccer cleats and shin pads - stuff we could have bought over the summer had someone ever bothered to do one little thing like, I don't know... Send. Home. A. List!

Now, I did say "we" but what I really meant was Mr. Clean because I'm still walking around the house with baby steps, moaning about the fact that my stomach muscles clench when I breathe and just the IDEA of smelling anything remotely close to being food makes them do other things much worse. No. I do not think I'll be going to WallyWorld tonight. I can barely handle looking at the leftovers in the fridge. Smelling fresh bread and roasted chicken is bound to not receive a very good reaction in me just yet.

That being said, I have the strangest craving for french fries right now. Go figure.
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