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And here we go.

G is for…

Grrrrr! – just a sound I like to make when things aren’t going my way.

Gallivanting – it sounds frilly! And fun! Like skipping through the woods. I tend to gallivant a lot.

Generous – I think I’m a generous person, with my time, and my heart. I’m not always very generous with my money (Bills!) but I try to be.

Genuine – I can’t stand people who aren’t genuine. Don’t cover it up. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Just lay it all out there and if someone doesn’t like it. Screw them.

Gold – I do not like yellow gold. Detest it. White gold is okay. I prefer silver, though. The only gold jewelry I own is my wedding rings.

Guilt – I have a significantly guilty conscience - even if I have nothing to feel guilty about. Look at me funny and the first thing out of my mouth is, “What? What did I do?” Perhaps it’s a learned behavior from when I was a teenager and guilty of quite a few things.

Girl – I have never wanted to give birth to a girl. Having grown up with three younger sisters, I’m all girled out. I can’t stand the girly high-pitched shrieking or pastel pink dresses covered in so many frills they look like a wedding cake gone very wrong. I don’t want to play with hair every day. And I certainly don’t want to deal with BOYFRIENDS. I love my BOYS. That being said, I adore my nieces and love buying stuff for them. Like nail polish and make up and dress up clothes. You know… stuff their Mommas can deal with once the wrapping paper comes off. Heh.

Guacamole – Yum!

Green – my favorite color. I love the green-blue of the Caribbean, new leaves, moss green eyes, and emeralds.

Ginormous – is that how you spell it? I can’t ever figure out how to spell the damn word!

Grapes – Ewww. Unless it’s grape jelly. Or grape juice. Or wine.

Grouse – I can grouse with the best of them. And I like this word. Plus, it’s Scotland’s national game bird (very cute!) and a famous whisky. I’ve never eaten any.

Grumpy – Me, first thing in the morning, almost every morning. It’s all good, as long as you simply don’t speak to me for a while.

Grease – I have seen this movie way too many times. I used to have the soundtrack on 8-track tape, which I played in my… Oh Lordy, what was that thing called? It was a little robot… like an R2D2 but played 8-track tapes… an early, early, early LeapFrog type contraption. (See, the memory – she is a going Fast!) I watched Grease 2 a couple of weekends ago. I sang along. Loudly. I know all the words (and I want a co-oo-oo-ool rider myself).

Goonk-Goonk – the name my next younger sister called me for years because she couldn’t say it right. It’s an easy name and she was WAY off but she kept at it, even after knowing how to say it right, because she figured out it bothered me. She still calls me this sometimes.

Gypsy – See above. This is one of the many reasons I told her she was dropped off on our doorstep by
gypsies. And she believed me. I now call her GypsyRose… just to bug her. It’d probably serve me right if she went on Ebay and bought one of those gypsy-cursed rings they keep selling, to give to me for Christmas. Stay away from the rings, Sis.

Girlfriend – I only have one honest to goodness, best friend, girlfriend. Wahoo. We’ve been in cahoots since I was in 2nd grade and she in 1st. There have been times in my life where I thought perhaps there was something wrong with me, because I preferred guy friends to girls. Now, ehh… I deal well and there are a few women I get along with – for short periods of time. A few I’ve met online seem genuine; women I can appreciate. Overall though? The girls I grew up with were all catty and insecure. Look. I’m sorry your boyfriends thought it was much more fun to hang out with me than to deal with you acting like a tick 24/7. It’s not like I spent all my time kissing on them and trying to take them away from you. (Heh. Heh. Kidding! I would never do that.) Seriously. I like hanging with the guys. I can only talk nail polish and shoes for so long and I really can’t deal with insecure women who think every other person with boobs is trying to steal their guy.

Guys – are totally fascinating to me – everything about them… from their hard-as-steel muscles beneath soft skin to the warped things that occur in their brains. I can have conversations with guys that will last hours and never get boring.

Green Tea – I know it’s good for me, and I should like it… but I don’t. I much prefer Chamomile, Madagascar Vanilla Red Rooibos, or Chai.

Guten Tag! Gesundheit! – German words I say regularly.

Gum – I chew gum regularly. Mostly, I chew Eclipse Spearmint. I have an oral fixation. Heh. No, really… it keeps me from clenching my teeth all day long.

Geez – I’m known to say this here and there.

Granite – Pretty. The one I have picked out for our kitchen counter is a green-gray and black with pale blues in it.

Gaelic – Gorgeous language. Much too hard to learn. I think it’s even worse than Hungarian (and that’s saying something)!

Glasgow – Nice city. I wish I could have seen more of it when we went to Scotland. We only had a day at the beginning and then one at the end to look around – and most of that was spent recovering from the flight or gearing up for the return home. We did go down Sauchiehall Street to do some shopping. It was there I saw a raggedly dressed, but good-looking, guy… with a bright neon pink Mohawk, sitting on the street and playing his guitar, singing the most beautiful ballad I’d ever heard. It proved to be a neat last memory of Glasgow.

Game – I like to play games. Not those kinds of games, silly. Card games. Board games. Seven Minutes in Heaven. Spin the Bottle. (Heh. Kidding. And that so ages me!) I never played Doctor with anyone. That kind of makes me a little sad.

Garlic – I love me some garlic… but not straight/roasted. Blech. I like it cooked IN dishes, not AS a dish. Garlic bread – Yum!

Gingerbread, Ginger Ale, Ginger Snaps – ginger things I like.

Gardenia – We have one of these growing just off our front porch. It gives off the sweetest scent at night, which wafts up and across the porch. Very soothing.

Gemini – Mr. Clean. And yes, he does have dual personalities. Gotta love him.

Gemstones – I collect rough and polished gemstones (not cut). I have a big deep bowl of them in my living room. It’s nice to just sift through it from time to time. My favorite gemstones are: moonstone, carnelian, blue chalcedony, and chrysoprase. I also own a lot of amber jewelry (although technically amber isn’t a gemstone).

Girl Scouts – I was one for quite a few years. I can build a fire. Watch out!

Gigglebritches – a nickname CBoy gave me a few years ago due to a little idiosyncrasy I have.
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  1. Deb R Says:

    Great G-list! I love the word "Gallivanting" and hadn't thought of it in a long time.